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OG Kush BX x Blackberry Kush

by Purple Caper Seeds

A candy-tasting classic, these regular Pink Panties seeds from Purple Caper Seeds are a must for any sweet-toothed cannaisseur. A highly potent, indica-dominant hybrid kush strain covered in trichomes, Pink Panties cannabis seeds are easy to grow and offer a euphoric, relaxed, and focused buzz.

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Pink Panties Strain Genetics

The Pink Panties lineage is Kush-heavy, mixing the Cali classic OG Kush BX with its fruity descendant Blackberry Kush. These cannabis cup winning genetics ensure classic Kush traits dominate here, including a fast-flowering time and a satisfyingly high yield of crystal-coated buds.

The flavours and scents are representative of the mother strains, as are the chilled vibes for body and mind presented by Pink Panties. If you are a fan of classic California and Florida Kush aromas and fruity flavours, then the family tree of Pink Panties makes this exactly what you’re looking for! This cannabis strain is also a proud parent of several popular cultivars, including the seed bank favourite, Sunset Sherbet (Pink Panties crossed with Girl Scout Cookies).

Pink Panties Strain Terpene Profile

The Pink Panties terpene profile is the main reason for the vibrant scents and tastes offered by this cannabis strain. A tart citrus aroma can be detected above the strong herbal scent, the latter created by myrcene, one of Pink Panties’ dominant terpenes. A true OG strain, the citrus fruity blackberry tinge comes primarily from limonene, while pinene also provides some forest-fresh flavours.

On the inhale, the back of the throat is gently tickled by a spicy, almost fuel-like Diesel taste provided by caryophyllene, a common terpene which finalises the busy and tantalising sherbert tones in Pink Panties flavour profile.

Pink Panties Strain Effects

The remarkably high THC content (up above 30% in some cases) ensures this Bay Area classic cannabis strain creates a swift and potent buzz. A perfect strain for the evening time, the buzz provides intense body relaxation coupled with a delightful burst of euphoria.

This combination is great for enhancing creativity, with a mind full of ideas and meaningful conversations being guaranteed. If you’re planning a night in good company, Pink Panties is perfect, with giggly and fun conversations ensured for the whole night. Followed by a deep, calm, dream-filled sleep.

Pink Panties Strain Medical Benefits

The terpene profile combined with the high THC level provides a variety of potential Pink Panties medical benefits. Those living with regular headaches and migraines may find the issue alleviated by this hybrid strain.

Joint pain related to chronic pain issues like fibromyalgia may also be lessened by Pink Panties medical seeds, especially thanks to the high THC content and caryophyllene found in this strain, both of which bind to endocannabinoid receptors and potentially increase the body’s pain management response.

How to Grow Pink Panties Strain Seeds

When growing Pink Panties regular cannabis seeds indoors, you can expect a full harvest in as little as 9 weeks from germination. Very little work is necessary on the part of the grower, light changes and the odd trim to keep the leaves in check, and that’s about it!  

Greenhouses are advisable for outdoor growers, with the Pink Panties yield being remarkably high and expected in around mid-October. Whether inside or outside, These regular seeds should give out a good number of large and dense nugs with lime green pistils and a thick coat of crystal white. High THC buds, perfect for resin extraction, and letting out a fruity, herbal scent that will start tickling your nostrils weeks before harvest time.