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3x Crazy x Girl Scout Cookies

by Purple Caper Seeds

Optimus Prime is a high THC, indica-dominant hybrid strain from Purple Caper seeds. Available as regular seeds (feminized seeds not yet available) that will develop into truly impressive plants, Optimus Prime produces big, tight, dark green buds with scents and flavours that let you know you’re dealing with a genuinely top-shelf strain.

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Optimus Prime Strain Genetics

The Purple Caper Seeds Optimus Prime lineage is packed full of Cookies, Chem, and Kush, the Big 3, if you will. Combining 3x Crazy (the OG Optimus Prime) with the multi-time Cannabis Cup winning Girl Scout Cookies. Leaning hard to the indica side (85% is the estimate) growing traits have very little of the sativa, with big buds, high yields, and fast flowering time a guarantee from these cannabis seeds.

Flavours and aromas are as Cali classic as they come, with the likes of OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and GSC all doing work to make sure the tastes and aromas of this spectacular strain will tickle your tastebuds in all the best ways!

Optimus Prime Strain Terpene Profile

The Optimus Prime terpene profile provides this Bay Area favourite with a sweet candy flavour with delectable sour lemon undertones and dashes of grape, complete with a traditional, herbal Kush and Skunk blend aroma. The latter is an earthy base coat that provides the foundations of the smells and tastes of this strain, thanks to the presence of common cannabis terpene 


The spicy tinged lemon flavour comes from a combination of the peppery terpene caryophyllene (which tickles the throat on the inhale) and the citrus terpene limonene (which caresses the lips on the exhale). This blend brings all the Kush goodness from 3 Times Crazy (which blends OG Kush and Bubba Kush with Granddaddy Purple) to the fore, creating an absolute treat for the tastebuds.

Optimus Prime Strain Effects

A relaxed body and a clear mind is, for many, the perfect cannabis combination, and that’s exactly what this Purple Caper Seed Company strain provides. For the body, the high Optimus Prime THC level (around 20%) a euphoric sense of chill from top to bottom will be swiftly forthcoming, while a cerebral, creative high can inspire artistic output.  

Perfect for the early evening before a chilled night in company, or late at night for a herbal help in getting to sleep, chilled and focused is the name of the game here, with no couch-lock. It’s a buzz that’s nothing short of divine.

Optimus Prime Strain Medical Benefits

Reported Optimus Prime medical benefits include assistance with insomnia but mainly focus on the body, specifically the muscles. The THC and terpene blend is thought to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Additionally, muscle spasms and tension in the muscles and joints may be alleviated by this indica-heavy hybrid cannabis strain, making Optimus Prime medical seeds a phenomenal assistant for the body as well as the mind.

How to Grow Optimus Prime Strain Seeds

With more indica growing traits than sativa, these Optimus Prime regular seeds are ideal for first-time growers. The Optimus Prime growing time is as little as 7 weeks from germination (indoors), and the plants are sturdy and durable, putting up with a fair amount of abuse from wind and rain. That said, outdoor gardeners are still recommended to use a greenhouse where possible with harvest expected in early October. 

The Optimus Prime yield is also immense, with outdoor growth creating upwards of 1,000g per plant. Growing Optimus Prime marijuana seeds is an absolute treat, necessitating a tiny amount of work from the grower, and rewarding with high yields of dense, dank, large nugs of deep, dark greens. The genetics of champions has created a bonafide superstar of the future in Optimus Prime.