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Girl Scout Cookies

by Purple Caper Seeds

Put your tastebuds to the test and body at ease with Key Lime Pie, a multi-cross GSC cultivar from Purple Caper Seeds that packs a super sour flavour and relaxing indica dominant effects.

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Key Lime Pie Strain Genetics

Purple Caper’s unique take on the Key Lime Pie formula blends the original Santa Cruz cultivar with a carefully selected Girl Scout Cookies F1 male. The end result is an extremely resinous clone-only cut with a super sour diesel tang.

Rapid flowering rates make Key Lime Pie marijuana seeds ideal for indoor set-ups and professional cultivation, but resilience and resistances gained from its cannabis cup winning parent also makes it highly suitable as a starting strain. As a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, Key Lime Pie lineage can also be traced back to OG Kush and Durban Poison, and these popular strains give this Purple Caper exclusive its particularly heady indica impact.

Key Lime Pie Strain Terpene Profile

As sometimes occurs in the world of cannabis cultivation, Key Lime Pie flavour and aroma can differ slightly depending on the individual seed. Sour fruity flavours are all but guaranteed, but also a minty, diesel-heavy taste that’s a little closer to GSC. Both profiles are equally delicious and are backed up by earthy undertones and sweet chocolatey accents.

As with GSC, Key Lime Pie dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and myrcene, but these are far from the only chemical compounds contributing to its flavour profile. Humulene, limonene, and ocimene – known for its minty aesthetic – also have their part to play. 

Key Lime Pie Strain Effects

A strong indica-heavy heritage has blessed this overpowered GSC pheno with an intoxicating psychoactive intensity that tends towards the physical. Key Lime Pie effects are fast-acting, and users can expect a heavy-handed body stone, a mild euphoric buzz, and a warming sense of serenity from this relaxing phenotype.

A little more potent than your average strain without being overwhelming, Key Lime Pie THC levels average around 18%, making it suitable for both intermediate and longtime consumers. The perfect prescription for chasing your worries away, strenuous activities are best avoided when under its calming influence, so we recommended saving Key Lime Pie for after-hours enjoyment.

Key Lime Pie strain Medical Benefits

A common sight in cannabis dispensaries across the West Coast and beyond, GSC has won numerous awards for its effectiveness, and Key Lime Pie medical seeds can be used in a similar therapeutic capacity. Marijuana plants contain over 100 cannabinoids, each with their own unique properties, and their tremendous medical potential is only just beginning to be uncovered.

Key Lime Pie medical benefits, like its psychoactive effects, revolve around the body. Caryophyllene has an analgesic influence, reducing aches and pains, while myrcene is a powerful sedative and can be used to treat insomnia. These qualities are further enhanced by THC, and as such, this strain is a great alternative option for when recovering from physical injury.

How to Grow Key Lime Pie Strain

GSC phenotypes are generally simple to cultivate, and these cannabis seeds are no exception. While outdoor cultivation is undoubtedly possible, growing Key Lime Pie seeds indoors is recommended to make the best use of its indica characteristics and rapid growth. With a proper hydroponic setup, growers can expect super high yields of extra resinous bud, allowing concentrate creators to take full advantage.

As mentioned, Key Lime Pie flowering period is rapid, and results can be seen within 7-8 weeks from germination. Blooming in beautiful shades of lime green and fiery orange, just like its GSC parent, purple shades are also possible thanks to the plant’s affinity for colder temperatures, making this pretty pheno from the Purple Caper seed bank the perfect addition to your home garden.