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Girl Scout Cookies F2 x Candyland

by Purple Caper Seeds

A two-time cannabis cup-winning cookies strain from Purple Caper Seeds, Grandma’s Batch is pure comfort in cannabis form, delivering sweet and tasty oven-fresh flavours and indulgent indica-leaning effects.

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Grandma’s Batch Strain Genetics

Along with Cherry Cookies, Grandma’s Batch marijuana seeds represent one of the Purple Caper seedbank’s biggest success stories. A recipient of two California Cannabis Cups, this comforting Cookies hybrid is now available from MGS as regular seeds, allowing the whole world to enjoy its warm and fuzzy influence.

Grandma’s Batch lineage has lent it an incomparable biscuity aroma and a well-rounded indica-dominant influence that’ll temper even the sourest of moods. A blend of two California cannabis strains – Girl Scout Cookies F2 and Candyland – this award-winning combination is brimming with bag appeal, while its rugged genetics ensure a quick and easy growth for gardeners of all abilities.

Grandma’s Batch Strain Terpene Profile

This secret recipe from Purple Caper takes the doughy flavours of GSC to another level. Like a holiday bake sale in full swing, Grandma’s batch aroma is buttery and biscuity, with flowery notes and hints of eucalyptus noticeable upon preparation. Its flavour has a similar freshly-baked appeal, while also providing a sweet and earthy lemon taste upon the exhale.

Caryophyllene is Grandma’s Batch dominant terpene and largely responsible for its nutty, toasted taste. Limonene terpenes take credit for its citrus flavours while other monoterpenes like eucalyptol and alpha-pinene, though present in lower concentrations, also contribute to its unusual bouquet.

Grandma’s Batch Strain Effects

Grandma’s Batch hybridized effects take hold almost immediately after the first inhale. Heightening creative thought and productivity, get ready to lose yourself in an invigorating euphoric haze but be equally prepared for the drowsiness that follows. After an hour or less if consumed in excess, this cali cup-winner’s kush-like effects kick in, leading to excess snacking and a sleepiness that can lead you to the land of nod. 

Grandma’s Batch THC levels range from 14-20%, and couchlock can be a real concern with this phenotype, especially for novice users unaccustomed to its physical effects. As such, this potent hybrid strain is best saved for sedative use or as an after-dinner treat for experienced consumers. 

Grandma’s Batch strain Medical Benefits

Grandma’s Batch medical benefits are versatile and can be utilised to treat various health conditions, both mental and physical in nature. Cannabis is well known as an appetite stimulant, and this pheno’s limonene and beta-caryophyllene dense profile make it especially potent in this regard. This terpenic combination can also reduce nausea and digestive inflammation, making it particularly suitable for patients with eating disorders like anorexia or undergoing chemotherapy.

Furthermore, Grandma’s Batch medical seeds are an excellent alternative for medical cannabis users with ADD and other hyperactive disorders. The cerebral clarity brought on by its initial sativa-like effects can help suffers maintain focus effectively, without resorting to over-the-counter options.,

How to Grow Grandma’s Batch Strain

Growing Grandma’s Batch regular seeds requires little effort. Its natural, conical shape means little pruning is required, but those looking for maximum returns should consider the SCROG method of cultivation. These cannabis seeds can be grown inside or outdoors, but favour a humid climate, making indoor growth the easiest option. However, as Grandma’s Batch yields can reach up to 700g per plant outdoors, or 400-500g per m2 inside, outdoor cultivation definitely comes with its benefits.

Also, a quick-growing strain, Grandma’s Batch flowering period lasts 9-10 weeks from germination – fantastic for impatient growers! Blooming in beautiful hues of green and purple and providing high resin returns, this amazing cookie pheno pheno from Purple Caper is the perfect choice for concentrate connoisseurs, making a fabulous and flavourful addition to any growth environment.