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Gelato x Zkittlez

by Purple Caper Seeds

Gelato Zkittlez seeds from Purple Caper Seeds provide a beautiful blend of creamy fruitiness to create a party on your tastebuds! A fast-flowering time and high yields ensure this is an indica-dominant, hybrid cannabis strain you’ll grow to love, and love to grow!

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Gelato Zkittlez Strain Genetics

Purple Caper created Gelato Zkittlez seeds by merging two much-loved cannabis strains, Gelato (AKA Larry Bird) and Zkittlez (you’d probably worked that out already! This fills the Gelato Zkittlez lineage with the likes of Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Chemdawg, Durban Poison, and more. A myriad of Cannabis Cup winning Cali classics, all amongst the most popular in seed banks and cafes worldwide.

Quite a lot to live up to then, but Gelato Zkittlez is more than up to the challenge thanks to the tropical ice cream flavours that immediately wrap around your tongue, not to mention the intense buzz created by the high THC level. All treats handed down in the heritage of these Gelato Zkittlez marijuana seeds.

Gelato Zkittlez Strain Terpene Profile

This hybrid marijuana strain’s terpene profile is handed down from the parents, with Gelato and Zkittlez sharing dominant terpenes, albeit to varying degrees. This combination gives those unique Gelato Zkittles flavours and aromas that mix the creamy and the fruity for a rainbow sherbet overtone.

That tingle of fruit and creamy spice on the inhale comes from a blend of two common cannabis terpenes, the peppery caryophyllene and the citrus-heavy limonene, that blend together for that sweet, ice cream flavour. Also playing its part is humulene, another Gelato Zkittlez dominant terpene that adds a hoppy vibe on exhale that slips beautifully into the flavour profile, adding a richness and subtlety to the taste, and stopping anything being too overpowering.

Gelato Zkittlez Strain Effects

To some, relaxed and uplifted are opposites, but people who believe that have never experienced the stunning high that Gelato Zkittlez brings to the table! That sweet, moreish, Gelato Zkittlez weed smoke that fills your living room is a harbinger of wonderful things to come started with a full-body relaxation buzz and followed by euphoric, cerebral, creative gifts for the mind.

These are long-lasting effects that cross through many stages, ending in a sleepy state that’s perfect for bedtime, once you’ve enjoyed a night of giggling fits and huge smiles thanks to the inner mind massage that is given by this delectable, high THC (around 25%) cannabis strain.

Gelato Zkittlez Strain Medical Benefits

One of the reported Gelato Zkittlez medical benefits comes for those living with insomnia and similar sleep conditions. The sleepy sensation is a big help here, but that’s not all. The peace and calm in the mind offered by Gelato Zkittlez effects can also reduce the anxiety that affects sleep health.

Additionally, these Gelato Zkittlez medical seeds may aid in the relief of stress. Whether caused by day to day stresses or as a symptom of other issues, the relaxation effects of the terpene and cannabinoid combination in this hybrid marijuana have the potential to provide alleviation.

How to Grow Gelato Zkittlez Strain Seeds

Gelato Zkittlez cannabis seeds are very easy to grow, even for beginners. Despite only being available in regular seeds (feminised seeds are not yet offered) the Gelato Zkittles flowering time is surprisingly quick, usually around 8 weeks from germination and rarely less than 10. Outdoor growers may have some difficulty due to the plant’s intense dislike of adverse weather conditions, but in a greenhouse, things should be easier, with an October harvest expected.

The Gelato Zkittlez yield is impressive too, providing a voluminous quantity of large buds, each coated in orange hairs and crystal trichomes, making these marijuana seeds an ideal choice for resin extraction. Whether growing Gelato Zkittlez inside or outside, the