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Cookies F2 x Fire Lady

by Purple Caper Seeds

Cookie Lady seeds are a serious offering from Purple Caper Seeds. Combining some immense genetics with a rich terpene profile, the flavours and effects of this high THC level, indica-dominant cannabis strain will have you telling all your friends immediately!

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Cookie Lady Strain Genetics

Cookie Lady marijuana seeds bring the immense Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush genetics of Cookies F2 and combines them with Purple Caper’s own Cali classic, Fire Lady, which is a blend of Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, and White Widow. Basically, ask any purist what their favourite strain is, and it’s going to be in the Cookie Lady lineage!

This marijuana strain inherits colourful red, purple, and orange-hued buds, high yields, and a cocktail of fascinating flavours, all of which combine to give this prodigal son a flavour profile that’s all it’s own!

Cookie Lady Strain Terpene Profile

Creamy sweet GSC flavours, rich red wine, dark, salty chocolate, the Cookie Lady aromas and tastes come from a variety of directions, combining on your tongue to create a frankly euphoric experience! The rich, peppery side of the flavours here is provided by caryophyllene, the spicy terpene, which also combines with limonene to offer that sweet, creamy, fruity taste.

With so many Cannabis Cup winning seed bank favourites in the heritage, it’s no surprise that there are some old-school scents to this strain, thanks to another Cookie Lady abundant terpene, the earthy, herbal, traditional myrcene.

Cookie Lady Strain Effects

Relaxed, smiley, giggly, probably a little hungry, the Cookie Lady high is as old-school as it comes, and it’s great! A fast-acting full-body buzz will give you an overwhelming sense of chill that allows all the days’ troubles to drift away, swiftly followed by an uplifting, cerebral buzz that makes even the most mundane conversation feel like the best TED Talk you’ve ever listened to!

After that, all these effects will slowly dissipate as the final stage of this high THC content (over 20%) cannabis strain’s high takes over, a dream-filled, peaceful sleep that will have you waking up energetic and ready for the next day!

Cookie Lady Strain Medical Benefits

The Cookie Lady medical benefit potential is wide-reaching. As well as reported pain-relief, that uplifting buzz is the perfect antidote to stress, whether it’s due to a difficult day or as a result of an underlying condition, the symptoms of stress can be alleviated by the combination of high THC and terpenes.

Speaking of terpenes, limonene is a popular herbal medicine treatment for anxiety, and when combined with THC and myrcene (which is thought to act as a terpene regulator) may provide relief for symptoms of anxiety and depression, possibly aiding with healthy sleep patterns too.

How to Grow Cookie Lady Strain Seeds

Growing Cookie Lady cannabis seeds takes minimal effort, making this a perfect marijuana strain for beginner growers. For indoor growers, there is little to no trimming necessary, occasional light changes, and a 9 week wait time from germination, a pleasingly fast Cookie Lady flowering time considering how little work there is to do!

If you’re growing these regular seeds (autoflowering and feminized seeds not currently available) outdoors, they will grow well anywhere, but respond best in a greenhouse and should be good to go by mid-October. The Cookie Lady yield is high when homegrown both indoors and outdoors, producing colourful, resin-covered buds that smell exceptional. That creamy, Cookies scent combined with those classic Kush tones will be filling your grow room up days before harvest time.