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Girl Scout Cookies

by Purple Caper Seeds

A Bay Area strain from the fine folks at Purple Caper, Cookie F2 regular seeds are an indica-dominant, high THC, hybrid, seed bank favourite amongst true marijuana connoisseurs, with big, dense buds providing intense, sweet, creamy flavours.

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Cookie F2 Strain Genetics

So nice, they crossed it twice, the Cookie F2 pheno is, for all intents and purposes, the product of crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Girl Scout Cookies for that double-dose of sweet, moreish, Bay Area goodness. GSC itself is a product of three bonafide legends, Granddaddy Purple, Durban Poison, and OG Kush to create a Cali favourite for the true seedsman.

Purple Caper Seeds has put its own spin on this Cannabis-Cup winning strain, turning everything up to 11 for the most explosive GSC experience you’re likely to find! Parent of many a Purple Caper strain, Cookies F2 is part of the genetic background of MAC Cookies, Purple Cookies. Cookie Lady, and many more.

Cookie F2 Strain Terpene Profile

The cookie-sweet Girl Scout Cookie F2 flavours are the result of a rich terpene profile. While the herbal aroma on exhale is due to the presence of myrcene, the flavours have other terpenes to thank.

This blend of limonene (citrus, fruity, tangy flavours) and humulene (sweet, hoppy) combine to bring that fruit-filled, sweet biscuit feel on the tongue. The spicy touch on the inhale due to another terpene, caryophyllene (peppery, rich) adds a memorable twist to the otherwise homely cacophony of flavours.

Cookie F2 Strain Effects

Expect to get good and baked as a result of this baked goods-themed cannabis strain. That classic GSC buzz is here, but with a touch more intensity, so the giggly, happy euphoria has been tweaked an extra level up to create an even more delightful mood!

Conducive to creativity and immensely uplifting, the mind will be relaxed while energy levels are maintained, making this a great choice of daytime smoke despite the high Cookie F2 THC level (around 20%). It’s a good evening option too, especially if you have planned a chilled night in good company.

Cookie F2 Strain Medical Benefits

The Cookies F2 medical benefit potential has been widely reported, with GSC being a popular strain for those looking for medicinal marijuana to aid in the alleviation of symptoms of anxiety and depression. The mix of limonene and humulene has historical use for relieving anxiety, while THC is believed to provide antidepressant properties.

How to Grow Cookie F2 Strain Seeds

When growing Cookie F2 outdoors, it’s advisable to use a greenhouse where possible, as exposure to the elements can have a significant negative impact on the end product. If a greenhouse is used by outdoor growers, the Cookie F2 strain yield promises a good number of large nugs coated in resin with orange hues below the frosted tips of this beautiful looking marijuana strain. 

The Cookie F2 flowering time should see dense and colourful buds ready in as little as 9 weeks from germination of these marijuana seeds. The scents of sweet, cookie goodness should start to fill up your grow room a few weeks earlier than that, making sure temptation is high by harvest time!