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Chocolate Kush x Cannatonic

by Purple Caper Seeds

Revered amongst the Cali medical cannabis community for its 1:1 CBD/THC balance, Chocolate Tonic is a dual-purpose sativa-leaning hybrid from Purple Caper Seeds that makes for the perfect party prescription.  

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Chocolate Tonic Strain Genetics

Specially bred by the Purple Caper seedbank for its medical potency and psychoactive strength, Chocolate Tonic strain lineage combines the CBD heavy Cannatonic with Chocolate Kush, resulting in a sativa-leaning phenotype that’s ideal for both recreational and therapeutic use.

Purple Caper’s own Chocolate Kush (not to be confused with any similarly named strains) blends landrace Morrocan Hash Plant genetics with Chocolope Cheese, providing its offspring with a similar cocoa flavour and all the benefits of a top-shelf Kush cultivar. Cannatonic on the other hand is a CBD champion designed for medicinal use. Already a superstar on the West Coast, Chocolate Tonic marijuana seeds – now available from MGS – combine the sensory impact of both these strains into a single impressive cultivar with an effective CBD/THC balance.

Chocolate Tonic Strain Terpene Profile

As expected, Chocolate Tonic aroma is rich and chocolatey but also boasts accents of fresh pine, making for a unique but delicious combination. The strain’s kush ancestry will be unmistakable to those with experienced taste buds, but along with the earthy and herbaceous flavours one might expect, its sweet citrus undertones and cocoa aftertaste offer something a little extra for the seasoned cannabis user.

Chocolate Tonic dominant terpene is pinene – the primary cause of its invigorating scent – but caryophyllene and myrcene compounds also share some of the responsibility for its tasty profile. These terpenes each provide the cannabis strains with their unique tastes and smells, along with many of its potent psychoactive and medical effects.

Chocolate Tonic Strain Effects

With its 1:1 CBD/THC balance, Chocolate Tonic effects are dual-purpose. Users can expect a clear-headed sativa buzz and cerebral stimulation paired with powerfully relaxing indica effects that, while short-lived, make this pheno an excellent all-rounder.

Chocolate Tonic THC level averages around 15% and though this may not seem especially high, its kush impact can be easily underestimated, leading to couchlock if consumed in excess. However, an incredibly high CBD content of around 17% is this strain’s biggest selling point and the main source of its therapeutic power. 

Chocolate Tonic strain Medical Benefits

Considered something of a legend in the medical marijuana community, Chocolate Tonic medical seeds have already helped hundreds of patients on America’s West Coast cope with a variety of health problems. CBD strains such as this are much less likely to induce anxiety and the negative effects associated with cannabis, while also providing powerful therapeutic assistance.

Though created by Purple Caper for treating seizures and specific ailments like fibromyalgia, Chocolate Tonic medical benefits are wide-ranging, and its gentle analgesic influence can also be used as an effective treatment for both acute and chronic pain.

How to Grow Chocolate Tonic Strain

Thanks to hardy Kush genetics, growing Chocolate Tonic cannabis seeds shouldn’t pose too much trouble. Though not yet available in a feminized variety, growers can still expect sizable yields from these regular cannabis seeds whether they’re cultivated inside or out. Producing huge chunky trichomes dripping with super sticky resin, those hoping to fashion CBD extracts or RSO would be hard pushed to find a more suitable strain.

As Chocolate Tonic flowering time is longer than other cannabis seeds, averaging at around 9-11 weeks, a little patience may be needed during the growth period. However, the end results and lack of maintenance required are well worth the wait. The benefits of CBD are only just beginning to be discovered, so why not get in on the ground floor with this medical marvel from Purple Caper Seeds.