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Girl Scout Cookies F2 x Chocolate Tonic

by Purple Caper Seeds

A CBD-enriched cannabis strain that’s packed with therapeutic potential, but also plenty of psychoactive kick and delicious cocoa flavours to boot, Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD is the Purple Caper phenotype that keeps on giving and an ideal natural pain-killer for medical marijuana patients.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD Strain Genetics

A medically potent spin on the Purple Caper seedbank’s original Chocolate Chip Cookies strain, Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD lineage blends classic Girl Scout Cookies F2 genetics with Chocolate Tonic, the seed company’s CBD-rich mix of Chocolate Kush and Cannatonic. As such, these cannabis seeds inherit both a high-CBD content and significant THC levels, lending them the perfect balance of healing and recreational effects.

Producing great results indoors or out, Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD marijuana seeds can be easily grown by cultivators of all abilities. Possessing all the flavour of a Cookies strain, with a chocolatey infused twist, this therapeutic favourite is now available from MGS as regular seeds. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD Strain Terpene Profile

Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD flavour profile is rich and aromatic, borrowing elements from both of its breeding parents. One for flavour chasers, a sweet cookies taste combines with earthy chocolate undertones, hazelnut, and herbal accents, while the plant’s cured buds emit a minty aroma mixed with cocoa and refreshing pine. 

Caryophyllene plays a major role in this pheno’s full-bodied flavour, but Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD dominant terpenes also include alpha-pinene and myrcene. From Chocolate Kush, the strain also inherits higher than average terpinolene levels – one of the least common terpenes found in cannabis – helping to increase its medicinal potency. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD Strain Effects

While made with medical marijuana patients in mind, Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD THC level is a respectable 15%, giving this high-powered hybrid a psychoactive potency that’s lacking in most medical strains. Its balanced cannabinoid profile also means this variety can be enjoyed throughout the day without affecting productivity.

Producing an enjoyable euphoric buzz that gently settles into pain-free relaxation, Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD effects are largely indica leaning but with slight sativa touches and mild enough to be enjoyed by cannabis consumers of varying tolerances.

Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD strain Medical Benefits

A CBD content of up to 5% makes Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD medical seeds fully equipped for therapeutic use. This compound can have an anti-anxiety effect and help to manage seizures, but, when paired with this pheno’s unique terpene profile, makes it particularly useful for treating pain and inflammation. 

CBD may also mitigate many of the unwanted effects of THC; an important factor in multi-purpose strains such as this. The medical community is only just beginning to appreciate the power and versatility of this superpowered cannabinoid and Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD medical benefits are the perfect examples of its potent effects in action.

How to Grow Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD Strain

Growing Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD seeds doesn’t require a botanist’s degree as all releases from the Purple Caper Seeds company come with a gardener friendly guarantee. Excellent for making CBD oil and suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, this robust pheno grows in the typical indica style, forming a uniform, hedge-like shape that’s ideal for SOG or SCROG techniques.  

Chocolate Chip Cookies CBD flowering time is around 10 weeks and produces frosty, golf ball-sized buds in shades of purple and minty green. High yields can be expected with little assistance, making this an excellent commercial crop, but home growers seeking self-medication can also get great results from these CBD-enriched photoperiod seeds.