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Cookies F2 x Charlotte’s Web

by Purple Caper Seeds

A high THC, high CBD medicinal masterpiece from Purple Caper, these indica-dominant hybrid Charlotte’s Cookies seeds blend one of the most popular medical marijuana strains with a Cannabis Cup-winning, social smoker favourite to create a truly unique cannabis cultivar. 

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Charlotte’s Cookies Strain Genetics

Recreational and medicinal meet halfway in Charlotte’s Cookies lineage, with Purple Caper’s Girl Scout Cookies phenotype Cookies F2 on one side (with OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Granddaddy Purple in its lineage) and the high CBD level Charlotte’s Web on the other.

While Charlotte’s Web is a hemp-derived CBD strain known to be low THC and non-psychoactive. The addition of Cookies F2 ensures that THC is also well represented here (around 15%) without the CBD content dropping anywhere (7-8% on average). This is an intriguing history for these Charlotte’s Cookies marijuana seeds and ensures a novel and unique cannabis strain.

Charlotte’s Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

High in CBD, medical marijuana strains are often a let-down in terms of taste, but Charlotte’s Cookies’ flavour holds no such disappointment thanks to a rich terpene profile bringing sweet, sour, fruity, and creamy to the tongue.

The wide variety of Charlotte’s Cookies abundant terpenes includes Caryophyllene (a spicy, peppery terpene), Myrcene (a herbal, earthy terpene), Limonene (a tangy, citrus terpene, Pinene (a forest-fresh, piney terpene) and Humulene (a hoppy, woody terpene).

Together, you’ll get a rich tapestry of flavours including a spicy tingle on the inhale, and a classic, herbal aroma to the Charlotte’s Cookies weed smoke on the exhale.

Charlotte’s Cookies Strain Effects

The lower than average (for a Purple Caper strain, at least) Charlotte’s Cookies THC level ensures no couch-lock concerns here. Instead, the buzz is characterized by energy and enthusiasm, a long-lasting, subtle high, conducive to creativity.

A great strain if you have work to take care of, Charlotte’s Cookies shouldn’t make you sleepy or slow, it should only make the carrying out of the day’s tasks a more pleasant experience. An excellent choice for morning, afternoon, or night, just what you want from cannabis with high medicinal value.

Charlotte’s Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

The central Charlotte’s Cookies medical benefit potential is reported to be pain relief. Charlotte’s Web is a popular strain with those living with chronic pain conditions, and Charlotte’s Cookies has certainly inherited this popularity from its CBD heavy parent.

Another benefit, as told by fans of Charlotte’s Cookies medical cannabis is the relief of stress and anxiety symptoms. Stress hits us all from time to time, and whether it’s a short-term thing or a sign of a more extensive condition, the uplifting effects of Charlotte’s Cookies can help to soften these effects.

How to Grow Charlotte’s Cookies Strain Seeds

This broad-spectrum cannabis plant, rich in cannabinoids and terpene, is surprisingly easy to grow, especially considering these are regular marijuana seeds (autoflowering and feminized seeds are not yet available). When growing Charlotte’s Cookies cannabis seeds, expect minimal trimming, and that’s it, pretty much. For indoor growers, the plants will be ready in as little as 9 weeks from germination. Outdoor and greenhouse gardeners will see Charlotte’s Cookies flowering time present harvest-ready buds around mid-late October.

The Charlotte’s Cookies yield is large in more ways than one. Not only will you get hefty, golf ball-sized nugs, you’ll also get a good number of them per plant. A good crystal coat of resin on the deep green buds makes this a good extraction strain (for CBD or THC). When fully grown, this medicinal marijuana strain is an excellent recreational choice too!