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Chocolate Hashberry x Purple Caper

by Purple Caper Seeds

Cash Berry won’t solve your money problems, but this priceless indica-dominant pheno from Purple Caper Seeds can help your mind and body heal with its stimulating psychoactive effects and medicinal potency.

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Cash Berry Strain Genetics

A solid performer and a Purple Caper seed bank family favourite, Cash Berry is a THC dominant marijuana hybrid with a balanced range of psychoactive effects, striking colours, and sharp exotic flavours. Specially bred for easy home growth, Cash Berry marijuana seeds make growing dispensary quality marijuana easy for gardeners old and new.

Cash Berry lineage includes tons of marijuana heavy hitters with the California Seeds company’s self-titled Purple Caper pheno leading the charge. This mysterious mix of Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, White Widow, and a landrace indica has been paired with Chocolate Hashberry, which blends Blackberry Kush and Chocolate Kush DNA. 

With such a prestigious heritage, you really can’t go wrong with this gold star marijuana strain, now available for MGS as regular seeds.

Cash Berry Strain Terpene Profile

Strong herbaceous notes and a pungent reek of hashish highlight Cash Berry aroma. Producing a harsh, aromatic smoke that can easily lead to coughing fits, its full-bodied flavour is akin to a rich red wine, with notes of dark chocolate, red fruit and earthy spices taking precedent. A nutty aftertaste on the exhale lingers as a pleasant reminder of the cultivar’s high quality.

Cash Berry dominant terpenes are unknown, but cannabis testing has shown Chocolate Hashberry to contain high levels of humulene, caryophyllene and terpinolene. Besides providing the strain’s musky flavour profile, these compounds come loaded with sensory effects that can be utilised for their medical applications and recreational enjoyment alike.

Cash Berry Strain Effects

Cash Berry effects make their presence known immediately, with a noticeable increase in focus and attention. Although light and subtle, the strain’s versatile high won’t result in couchlock. Instead, users can expect a rejuvenating balance of euphoric sativa-like effects and a relaxing body buzz that soothes without fatiguing.

Cash Berry THC level is not yet available, but it’s likely to average somewhere between 20-25% as per its parent strains. Its invigorating edge makes it ideal for social consumption and daytime use. Suitable as a first-time strain, but with enough punch to satisfy high tolerance users, this elevating pheno will make you feel like a million dollars. 

Cash Berry strain Medical Benefits

Coming from a long line of medically proven strains, Cash Berry medical benefits are myriad. The happy and relaxing effects that make it perfect for parties can also be used in a therapeutic capacity. Recent studies have shown that terpenes play a significant role in many psychiatric disorders, and sufferers of social anxiety may find their fears eased by the calming influence of these caryophyllene-rich cannabis seeds.   

Cash Berry medical seeds are also high THC/low CBD and when paired with this particular potent terpene, this makes them excellent for pain relief. These chemicals activate cannabinoid receptors in the body, controlling our perception of pain, and giving comfort to both chronic and acute conditions.

How to Grow Cash Berry Strain

Growing Cash Berry seeds is a simple, but rewarding, process. Thanks to the many resistances inherited from their rich heritage, these regular seeds thrive in almost any environment. Producing short, Christmas tree-shaped plants suitable for SOG or SCROG cultivation, Cash Berry flowering time is 7-8 weeks from germination and results in high yields without too much intervention. 

Following its kush parent in appearance, the strain’s striking, silver-dollar sized buds are sure to put a smile on any grower’s face, with hues of red and purple possible in some phenotypes if exposed to colder temperatures late in the growth cycle. It’s also an extremely sticky cultivar, providing high amounts of quality resin for extract artists to enjoy.