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Blue Dream x Fire Lady

by Purple Caper Seeds

Born from some of the best marijuana strains in the business, Blue Fire is hybridized Purple Caper phenotype with a diesel-tinged fruit flavour and a THC-fueled sensory kick to spark the senses and excite the mind.

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Blue Fire Strain Genetics

Not to be confused with any similarly named cannabis strains, this particular plant is a Purple Caper original, bred from Blue Dream and Fire Lady – a unique phenotype of the breeders’ proprietary Purple Caper strain. As such, Blue Fire lineage is remarkably diverse, blending DNA from Sour Diesel, White Widow and Grandaddy Purple, as well as Haze and Blueberry.

This rich heritage has given this indica-leaning hybrid the qualities that make for a truly remarkable marijuana strain. Inheriting Fire Lady’s formidable THC content and the delicious berry flavours of Blue Dream, Blue Fire marijuana seeds are also heavy yielding, psychoactively potent, and easy to grow for experts and beginners alike.

Blue Fire Strain Terpene Profile

This sugary phenotype smells absolutely divine, but Blue Fire aroma also boasts pungent chemical notes that set it apart from similar dessert strains. Expect a heady and memorable mix of juicy blueberry and jet fuel scents and flavours, while subtle accents of sweet citrus, red fruit, and pine linger on the tongue long after the smoke is gone.

The fruity taste that makes this strain so unforgettable is primarily the product of myrcene terpenes, which can also be found in mangos and basil.  Blue Fire abundant terpenes also include caryophyllene, the source of its fuel flavour, while alpha-pine and limonene also share some responsibility for its tantalising taste profile.

Blue Fire Strain Effects

As a hybridized variety with an especially busy lineage, Blue Fire weed provides a well-rounded psychoactive experience that’s equally mentally and physically orientated. Blue Dream’s influence makes its presence known immediately, giving Blue Fire effects a slightly sativa-leaning quality in the early stages. This sense of focus and surge of motivation soon yields to a full-bodied indica high, marked by an increase in appetite and feelings of calm contemplation.

Blue Fire THC content can reach a whopping 25% if cultivated under the right conditions. As such, low tolerance users may find its volatile cerebral effects a little too hot to handle. We recommend saving this incendiary treat for after dinner and consuming in small quantities to avoid getting burned.

Blue Fire strain Medical Benefits

Myrcene is the main star of Blue Fire strain medical seeds. This versatile chemical compound is prized for more than just its fruity flavours. Myrcene has been used for thousands of years as a natural sleep aid, and its sedative effects are especially pronounced in Blue Fire. It’s also known to augment the psychoactive power of THC via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Blue Fire medical benefits can also be used to aid concentration in a therapeutic capacity. Patients with behavioural conditions like ADHD may find it easier to maintain clarity and focus while under its influence, particularly during the early stages of the high.

How to Grow Blue Fire Strain

Growing Blue Fire seeds is remarkably simple on account of its unique genetic history. Inheriting the strength and mass of Blue Dream, along with its beautiful colouration, growers can expect taller than average plants that may need topping to keep them in check. Otherwise, little attention is required from this self-sufficient, heavy-yielding hybrid strain.    

Blue Fire flowering time is 8 weeks from germination, which is when this plant really begins to live up to its name. Yielding dense, resinous buds that feature subtle shades of blue and purple, flame-tinged pistils and smokey white trichomes, growers with an eye for aesthetics should consider this strain as their next grow room centrepiece. Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, Blue Fire is now available from MGS as regular seeds.