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by Purple Caper Seeds

Evenly balanced sativa/indica hybrid cannabis seeds from Purple Caper, Blue Chocolate is a marijuana strain that blends modern genetics and an old school touch for an intriguing mix of flavours that might just give you a cannabis sweet tooth!

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Blue Chocolate Strain Genetics

The Blue Chocolate lineage binds a West Coast Cali seed bank legend, Blue Dream, with a Moroccan and Afghani infused traditional great in the shape of Chocolate Kush. This mix of Haze and Kush strains promises a world of classic aromas and tastes, and that’s precisely what you get.

Like taking a drag directly from the Cannabis Cup Hall of Fame, you can taste the entire history of cannabis through this family tree. The genetics of these Blue Chocolate marijuana seeds accomplish more than that, providing growing traits that will treat even novice growers well.

Blue Chocolate Strain Terpene Profile

The Blue Chocolate flavours and scents come from the varied terpenes in each inside of the cannabis strain’s genetic background. That strong, herbal, classic Haze and Kush aroma that lingers after exhale comes from myrcene, the most common cannabis terpene, but that’s only the start.

There’s a piney, floral taste on the inhale that comes from a combination of terpenes, pinene and terpinolene, while the slightly fruity touches of ocimene are also present. On exhale, a spicy, savoury tingle blends with the sweet, creating that rich chocolate feel. That peppery sensation is a result of another Blue Chocolate dominant terpene, caryophyllene.

Blue Chocolate Strain Effects

There are couch-locking marijuana strains in this world, and they are necessary sometimes. For other occasions, you want a relaxed yet uplifting effect. A buzz that will allow you to get stuff done, the perfect daytime smoke, and that’s exactly what Blue Chocolate is. Euphoric, energetic, creative, all while lessening the day’s stresses, Blue Chocolate weed works as well early in the day as it does before bed!

Sleepiness will ultimately come, but it’s towards the tail-end of the long-lasting buzz, meaning you can ride the Blue Chocolate high through getting all your tasks done, kicking back and relaxing with some friends, and then finally drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

Blue Chocolate Strain Medical Benefits

The Blue Chocolate strain´s medical benefit potential is passed down from both parents. This terpene and cannabinoid heavy strain may aid in relieving feelings of nausea and sickness, which can, in turn, aid in relieving loss of appetite. This is a benefit Blue Dream is well-known for, and one Blue Chocolate has certainly inherited.

The terpenes (especially caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene), when combined with the high THC content (over 20%), means these Blue Chocolate medical seeds may aid in alleviating pain in those living with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain-related conditions.

How to Grow Blue Chocolate Strain Seeds

Blue Chocolate is one of the highest yielders in the Purple Caper Seeds collection. These cannabis seeds are surprisingly easy to grow considering how giving they are, with even novice growers likely to find the process simple, and have a harvest-ready in as little as eight weeks indoors.

With indica-dominant growing traits, the Blue Chocolate flowering time is average for outdoor growers, ready around mid-October, but the Blue Chocolate yield is anything but ordinary! In the Cali-home of Humboldt, these regular cannabis seeds (feminised and autoflowering seeds not available) have been known to grow up to 15ft both upwards and across, creating huge bushes that provide masses of large buds, resin-frosted from base to tip for one of the best-looking nugs you’ll ever see, and one of the best tasting too!