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Blackberry x Zkittlez

by Purple Caper Seeds

Blackberry Zkittlez seeds are an indica-leaning hybrid from Purple Caper seeds with intriguing genetics and a swift flowering time. The buds are dense, aromatic, and provide a fast-acting, long-lasting high!

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Blackberry Zkittlez Strain Genetics

The Blackberry Zkittlez lineage is easy to figure out, no prizes for predicting its parents are Blackberry and Zkittlez. However, while the name may be predictable, the heritage is anything but. From one side, you have Zkittlez (father of Gelato Zkittlez and many more), a product of new-age Cali classics including Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, and Chemdawg. 

On the other side, you have Blackberry, produced by blending traditional seedbank favourite strains like landrace, Afghani, Northern Lights, and Hash. 

The competition may be strong amongst Blackberry’s kids, but these Blackberry Zkittlez seeds do a fantastic job of separating themselves from the pack. Impressive genetics and a deep terpene profile promise varied flavours, excellent growing traits, and more!

Blackberry Zkittlez Strain Terpene Profile

Blackberry Zkittlez combines the near sickly-sweet flavours of Zkittlez with the peppery fruit tones of Blackberry to produce a stunning contradiction for the tastebuds.

The intense Blackberry Zkittlez flavours, especially on the inhale, come from caryophyllene and limonene, a blend of spicy and fruity that melds together to produce a creamy, fruity, peppery masterpiece.

On the exhale, there’s a citrus, grapefruit tingle from limonene (the fruitiness is more blackberry-dominant on the way in) while the aroma of hops and herbs comes from two more Blackberry Zkittlez abundant terpenes, myrcene and humulene.

Blackberry Zkittlez Strain Effects

If the wide range of flavour wasn’t enough to satiate your desire for variety, the Blackberry Zkittlez buzz has you covered! Your body and your mind will have two completely different experiences here, yet they’ll work together to produce a euphoric high.

The full-body effects from this high THC (well over 20%) cannabis strain will relax the muscles and the joints, removing the stresses of the day, while the cerebral, happiness-inducing head high will ensure you don’t drift off to sleep immediately, and instead enjoy a creative mindset conducive with meaningful conversation and jokes for days! When sleep does come, later in the night, your dreams will be peaceful and exciting in equal measure!

Blackberry Zkittlez Strain Medical Benefits

There are several reported Blackberry Zkittlez medical benefits. The combination of terpenes (specifically caryophyllene and myrcene) along with the high THC content means this marijuana strain may work with the endocannabinoid system to soften the symptoms of chronic pain conditions.

Stress and anxiety may also be lessened, and potentially alleviated thanks to the cannabinoid and terpene blend. Both limonene and humulene have a history of folk medicine use for anxiety-related conditions.

How to Grow Blackberry Zkittlez Strain Seeds

Half-sister to Chocolate Hashberry, Blackberry Zkittlez cannabis seeds are easy to grow, a perfect choice for novices. Indoor growers should find these regular seeds (feminised and autoflowering seeds not currently available) are ready to go in 7-8 weeks from germination. Even in the longest cases, 9 weeks should be the maximum wait time, which is pleasing.

Those growing Blackberry Zkittlez seeds outdoors can expect a late-September/early October harvest. For those outdoor growers, greenhouse use is recommended outside of very warm autumn climates. When it’s getting close to time, expect the Blackberry Zkittlez yield to be high and consist of resin-covered, heavy buds with a fruity, herbal scent and a crystal-trichome jacket.