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Fire Lady x Blackberry Kush

by Purple Caper Seeds

Another award-winning pairing from the experts at Purple Caper Seeds, Blackberry Fire is a sweet and gassy kush cultivar that’s brimming with bag appeal and heavy-hitting, indica-dominant to burn away your bad vibes.

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Blackberry Fire Strain Genetics

Blackberry Fire lineage blends a classic Kush heavyweight with one of Purple Caper Seeds custom marijuana mixes, making for an absolutely monstrous pairing. Winning 2nd place at the 2016 HempCon Cup Awards in the Best Indica category, this potent strain is now available from MGS as regular cannabis seeds and perfect for growers of all abilities. 

Fire Lady, one of the Northern Cali seed banks’ most unusual new strains, blends Sour Diesel, Granddaddy Purple, and White Widow with an unknown indica landrace, with results as potent as one might expect. Blackberry Kush, a fuel flavoured, Afghani x Blackberry cross, completes the pairing, lending Blackberry Fire marijuana seeds versatile effects that range from sativa-leaning to heavily sedating.

Blackberry Fire Strain Terpene Profile

Those with keen olfactory senses might pick up hints of berry and a subtle fruity sweetness in Blackberry Fire aroma, along with hashy notes that pay tribute to its Kush heritage. However, this strain’s smell is mostly gassy. When combusted, Blackberry Fire produces a thick, harsh smoke that’s liable to lead to coughing fits, leaving behind a tart earthy flavour in its wake.

Blackberry Fire abundant terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene; a combination common to the Kush family. Working in synergy with other monoterpenes like linalool, these three chemical compounds lend this fiery pheno its pungent smell and tickly taste, along with much of its psychoactive kick. 

Blackberry Fire Strain Effects

Blackberry Fire THC level is formidable and can range from 19-25%. As such, be prepared for a long-lasting and especially intense experience from this indica-dominant cannabis strain. Don’t be fooled by its delayed onset as spacey cerebral effects are just around the corner, with mild visual hallucinations presenting in higher doses. These are soon followed by a heavy body high, and a slow decline into sedation as its indica roots make their presence known.

Blackberry Fire effects aren’t for the lighthearted. Save for evening consumption to avoid an early night and with couchlock almost guaranteed for low tolerance users, we recommend avoiding this hybrid strain altogether if you’re especially susceptible to the sensation. 

Blackberry Fire strain Medical Benefits

Blackberry Fire medical benefits are focused around the body, owing to its resilient physical effects. It’s pronounced sedative impact can help put an end to sleepless nights, even in cases of severe insomnia. Limonene and myrcene rich plants like this have been used for thousands of years to similar effect, helping muscles and minds to relax without the need for over-the-counter alternatives.

Blackberry Fire medical seeds also benefit from the entourage effect, giving them powerful pain killing properties. Working together in synergy, caryophyllene, and THC has shown to block pain receptors in the endocannabinoid system, offering physical relief to medical marijuana patients and helping to soothe chronic pain.

How to Grow Blackberry Fire Strain

With its bullet-shaped buds and distinct colouration, this beautiful cross of Blackberry Kush and Fire Lady is an easy plant to grow and especially easy on the eye. Blooming in shades of lavender and lime green, with fiery orange hairs and ice white trichomes covering its dense nugs, growers wishing to bring out its purple hues should expose their crops to colder temperatures before its flowering period ends. 

With a little luck, moderate yields can be expected from growers of any experience and, as Blackberry Fire flowering time is only 8-9 weeks, you won’t have to wait long to see results. Though suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, growing Blackberry Fire cannabis seeds inside is advised due to the plant’s pungent odour. Expert cultivators should also consider taking advantage of the SOG method, which is perfectly suited to its dense flowers and shorter stature.