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Biscotti x Cookie F2

by Purple Caper Seeds

Biscotti X is an exceptional indica-dominant hybrid from Purple Caper Seeds brimming with Kush heritage and sweet and buttery Cookies flavours. Growers of these regular seeds can expect tall plants, high yields, beautiful looking lime green, frost-covered buds, and a high THC level that ensures a truly euphoric high.

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Biscotti X Strain Genetics

Biscotti X marijuana seeds are the happy lovechild of a true Cali connection, Biscotti and Purple Caper’s own Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, Cookie F2. Blending OG Kush and Cookies flavours and effects for a sweet treat and an uplifting buzz, this cannabis strain has sativa and Diesel-leaning growing traits including tall plants and a fast flowering time.

Tall plants stretch out wide and are filled with large buds with a good resin coat. The Biscotti X lineage makes this an excellent plant for commercial production and resin extraction.

Biscotti X Strain Terpene Profile

The Biscotti X dominant terpenes are headlined by caryophyllene, a spicy, gassy terpene abundant in peppery, petrol-scented Diesel and Chem strains. However, the Biscotti X flavours and scents go far deeper and more varied than that thanks to a range of other terps.

The range of fruity, sweet, and herbal flavours come via the presence of myrcene (earthy and classic), humulene (hoppy and sweet), and limonene (tangy and citrus) in the terpene profile of this hybrid cannabis strain. A full, robust, and long-lasting aroma fills the room while a tantalising taste tickles the taste buds.

Biscotti X Strain Effects

The Biscotti X effects are an intriguing and pleasing combination thanks to the high THC content (over 20%). For the body, a combination of intense relaxation and a pleasant tingle in the extremities (almost like your fingers are giggling) combines with an uplifting, happy head high.

The euphoric buzz of GSC combines with the more chilled Biscotti high to produce a long-lasting, fast-acting evening high that is perfect if you have company. Sleepiness won’t be immediately forthcoming, so you still have time to do stuff, but when the tiredness does come, expect colourful and fun dreams to accompany a deep sleep.

Biscotti X Strain Medical Benefits

Biscotti X medical seeds are popular amongst medicinal marijuana patients for several reasons, including softening the symptoms of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. A combination of THC and caryophyllene is thought to assist with the body’s pain responses through the endocannabinoid system.

An additional possible Biscotti X medical benefit comes in the form of support in alleviating depression and symptoms of depression-related disorders. Heightening mood, potentially aiding sleep, and generally assisting in counteracting the effects of sporadic and long-term bouts of depression and depressive episodes.

How to Grow Biscotti X Strain Seeds

When growing Biscotti X regular seeds (feminised not available) indoors, expect to get your topiary skills tested as these plants grow tall and leafy, needing regular trimming and pruning to ensure optimum growth. As long as you take care of that, the Biscotti X growing time shouldn’t be any longer than 9 weeks from germination for indoor growers (although it has been known to take as long as 11). Outdoor growers can expect an early October harvest in weather conditions similar to the Cali home of this strain. Those in cooler climes could benefit from greenhouse use.

The Biscotti X yield is high, with numerous buds of impressive size providing a hearty gift to the grower. Lime greens and rich oranges combine on the dank, dense nugs, all under a crystalised coat of trichomes that provide a shiny covering to this great looking, incredible smelling, awesome tasting marijuana strain!