Buy Birthday Cake strain seeds

Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies F2

by Purple Caper Seeds

Sample a little slice of heaven with this frosted, indica-dominant Cookies strain from Purple Caper Seeds because with Birthday Cake, every day is a cause for celebration! 

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Birthday Cake Strain Genetics

Birthday Cake cannabis seeds are one of several Purple Caper releases to feature Girl Scout Cookies F2 as a father strain. This custom-bred spin on the Bay Area classic has been back-crossed several times to ensure the highest possible quality and finally combined with Cherry Pie to create a sumptuous sweet treat that also boasts intoxicating indica effects.

The product of much trial and error, Birthday Cake lineage exemplifies the lengths Purple Caper Seeds will go in the pursuit of excellence. Named for its sugary flavour and frosty trichomes, this high THC, low CBD strain – sometimes known as Wedding Cake – is a dessert lover’s dream and now available from MGS seed bank as regular seeds.

Birthday Cake Strain Terpene Profile

A yummy treat by all accounts, Birthday Cake flavour and aroma, is chock full of sugar, spice and everything nice. Inheriting the fruity kush flavours of Cherry Pie and the creamy vanilla cake undertones common to the Cookies phenotype, its indulgent and deliciously sweet aesthetic is something that needs to be sampled to be believed. Once you do, you’ll find a second helping near impossible to resist!

Limonene and caryophyllene are Birthday Cake´s abundant terpenes. Along with myrcene, these chemical compounds are found in many varieties of cannabis and play a major role in determining a strain’s specific flavour, but also the psychoactive effects that are arguably marijuana’s biggest selling point. 

Birthday Cake Strain Effects

Birthday Cake effects reflect its indica-dominant heritage. Users can look forward to an all-encompassing physical high that clears the mind and puts the body into relaxation mode. Despite its sedating influence, the strain’s euphoric sativa-style effects continue throughout the experience, allowing users to feel uniquely “tuned in” to their surroundings. A pronounced spike in appetite is also common, so plan accordingly and prepare to slip away into a place of unadulterated indulgence. 

Low tolerance users should proceed with caution where this strain is concerned, as Birthday Cake THC levels can range from 16-25%. While it’s very tempting to overindulge, such actions can easily lead to couchlock, so like all desserts, we recommend saving this strain for after dinner and keeping the portions small.

Birthday Cake strain Medical Benefits

Unlike its sugary namesake, Birthday Cake medical seeds can actually be conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Their holistic combination of physical and mental effects make for a potent alternative to traditional medication and are especially useful for stimulating appetite and killing pain. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may find these attributes particularly applicable.

Birthday Cake medical benefits also have behavioural applications. Limonene, the second most common terpene found in cannabis, can act as a powerful mood elevator, inspiring feelings of happiness and contentment and temporarily relieving the symptoms of depression.  

How to Grow Birthday Cake Strain

Growing Birthday Cake seeds requires little to no previous experience, as Purple Caper have designed them for beginner or expert use. Distinguished by its large, colourful flowers and frosted with a thick coating of sticky THC resin, the cultivar’s chunky, globular buds follow an indica-typical structure. This makes them a prime candidate for SCROG cultivation and excellent for making extracts and cannabis concentrates.

Birthday Cake flowering time is 8 weeks from germination, and growers can expect high yields of around 600g per m2 regardless of environment. Although not yet available in a feminized variety, whether you favour an indoor or outdoor setup, these regular seeds adapt easily to all growing systems and require little maintenance, but express their full organoleptic potential when grown in soil with organic nutrients.