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Alien Technology x OG Kush BX male

by Purple Caper Seeds

Bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘take me to your leader’, Alien OG is an indica-leaning cannabis commander from Purple Caper Seeds with a strong diesel-based aroma and psychoactive effects that’ll invade your mind and take over your body.

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Alien OG Strain Genetics

Not to be mistaken with the Cali Connection strain of the same name, which blends Alien Kush x Tahoe OG genetics, Purple Caper’s Alien OG lineage combines Alien Technology – a mysterious landrace Afghani indica originally transplanted from its home country by returning breeder/US soldier OBSoul33t – with an OG Kush BX male, and it’s this secondary strain that really kicks things into overdrive. A blend of Fire OG and True OG, its weird and wonderful heritage is responsible for this Kush cultivar’s powerful gas aroma and heavy yields, which are absolutely out of this world!

The undisputed ruler of the Alien phenotype, Alien OG marijuana seeds are THC dominant, and though not yet available in a feminized or autoflowering format, can now be purchased as regular seeds from the MGS online store. Start your extraterrestrial odyssey today because this strange new indica-leaning experiment from the Purple Caper Seed bank is one you’ll definitely want to phone home about! 

Alien OG Strain Terpene Profile

If Alien spaceships were diesel-powered, this stinky phenotype might smell a little like the engine room. Alien OG aroma is a pungent mixture of gassy terps and exotic kush and skunk scents that can easily overwhelm the olfactory senses and may require extra filtration if growing inside. The pheno’s taste is earthy, bold, and with spicy hash flavours on the exhale that’ll blast your taste buds into the stratosphere.  

Fuel flavours like the kind found Chemdog, Alien OG, and many other afghani marijuana strains are usually formed from a mix of stronger smelling sesquiterpenes and sharper scented monoterpenes. Alien OG dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and humulene, but trace amounts of linalool and alpha-pinene help broaden both its flavour and psychoactive profile.

Alien OG Strain Effects

Like its mother plant, Alien OG effects are more stimulating than your typical indica but still incredibly relaxing. Upon first contact, expect a rush of intense euphoria as your mind is transported to a psychedelic galaxy of creative thought and cerebral stimulation. When its sativa-like effects subside, full-bodied relaxation soon takes over, and even experienced consumers may discover that when it comes to couchlock, resistance is futile with this psychoactive-advanced hybrid strain.

Low tolerance or first-time users should steer clear of this high THC, low CBD champion to avoid a close encounter of the disturbed kind! Alien OG THC level is unknown, but its parents boast THC contents ranging in the high teens, giving it powers that aren’t quite beyond comprehension but are still pretty intense, to say the least.

Alien OG Strain Medical Benefits

Alien OG medical benefits may not be fully understood by science, but there’s no denying their effectiveness. As a high caryophyllene, high THC strain with an intensely relaxing effect on the body, it’s highly suitable for treating chronic pain disorders. Acting directly on the body and brain’s pain receptors, its analgesic influence can zap pain at the source while also helping to reduce inflammation.

Tiredness is the body’s way of getting us to take it easy, but for patients with chronic fatigue conditions, it can be completely debilitating. Despite its relaxing qualities, weed-grown from Alien OG medical seeds also has a stimulating effect that may be suitable for helping alleviate such symptoms, providing a boost of mental energy to keep the body alert. 

How to Grow Alien OG Strain

Growing Alien OG cannabis seeds doesn’t require a science lab or any kind of advanced equipment and is the perfect strain for first-time growers. Little attention is needed to produce healthy, rugged indica plants that are loaded with trichome-heavy, not-so-little green buds. These regular seeds can easily take the heat of a hot greenhouse setup or the full brunt of the California midday sun, making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor growth. Beginning bushy and stretching once the flowering period hits, Alien OG yields are large and will need to be tied up and staked to allow the plant to take its weight.

As Alien OG weed is particularly pungent, this is not a great strain for those hoping for a discreet grow. Carbon filtration will be required if growing inside, but these strong smells make for excellent concentrates for those who like to dabble. Alien OG flowering time can range from anything to eight-ten weeks from germination, and you might have a while to wait before its scent begins to invade your growth space.