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GG4 x Gelato 45 x Girl Scout Cookies F2

by Purple Caper Seeds

4G is an indica-dominant hybrid from Purple Caper Seeds that’s an impressive exercise in excellent breeding; its three-way lineage lending it a balanced physical high and a medley of sour flavours.

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4G Strain Genetics

4G marijuana seeds won’t get you excellent data coverage, but this indica-dominant hybrid from Purple Caper guarantees easy growth, long-lasting physical effects, and delicious sweet and sour flavours that you’ll want to phone home about.

Not to be confused with the similarly named HiFi 4G, 4G lineage is as reputable as they come. Combining DNA from GG4, Gelato 45, and Girl Scout Cookies F2, three of the most formidable phenotypes available, this top-quality cannabis strain comes packed with psychoactive power and medicinal potency. 

An excellent option for commercial cultivation and now available as regular seeds from MGS, why not upgrade your growth environment with this electrifying triple threat?

4G Strain Terpene Profile

4G weed gets most of its terpenic potential from Gorilla Glue. Tangy chemical flavours passed down through Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel blend with Cookies’ doughy taste, giving 4G flavour and aroma an acerbic edge with earthy undertones. Milder in smell than its mother strain, a creamy sweetness inherited from Gelato cuts through the sourness perfectly. 

As expected, the terpene profile of these high THC cannabis seeds most closely matches their GG parent. 4G abundant terpenes are caryophyllene and limonene, with myrcene and humulene also appearing in high concentrations. While lending the strain its taste and smell, these chemicals also modify the mind and body, influencing its myriad of medical and recreational effects. 

4G Strain Effects

All three of its hybridized parents are known for pairing heavy-handed euphoria with full-body relaxation. Though a little less intense, 4G effects follow suit. Delivering a balanced and long-lasting high that begins in the mind before numbing the body, loosening tired muscles and signing off with a soothing sedative influence, this indica-leaning plant is the perfect starting strain for newcomers to the world of cannabis consumption.

4G THC level may not be the highest, averaging between 10-15%, but this pheno still packs a helluva punch. Its moderate THC content won’t necessarily leave you glued to the couch like its mother plant, but can easily lead to an early night if overused, so consume in moderation to lessen its sedative impact.

4G strain Medical Benefits

Cannabis plants are packed with active compounds that can be utilized for therapeutic use, and 4G medical seeds have been designed with physical health in mind. The strain’s high caryophyllene content makes it an excellent analgesic as this terpene is known to influence cannabinoid receptors in the brain and spinal cord, numbing both chronic and severe pain. 

This effect on the endocannabinoid system can also be used to treat nausea and appetite loss as it results in an anti-emetic response. As such, patients undergoing chemotherapy may get the greatest assistance from 4G medical benefits.

How to Grow 4G Strain

4G photoperiod seeds are an excellent choice for commercial growers as this pheno thrives with ample room. Outdoor cultivation is easy but growing 4G inside will require topping and some maintenance to ensure a successful harvest. However, its indica-dominant qualities make it a viable candidate for SOG or SCROG cultivation. With proper care and a little fertilizer, 4G yields can easily match those of its high-producing parents.

4G flowering time is a swift 8-9 weeks from germination and, if exposed to colder temperatures at the end of its growth cycle, these plants will turn beautiful shades of lavender and purple. Forming large, resinous flowers with hairy calyxes and frosted trichomes that dazzle once in full bloom, growing these regular seeds is a simple and rewarding process for cultivators of all abilities, with results that’ll outweigh even the highest expectations.