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Granddaddy Purple x Sour Diesel x White Widow

by Purple Caper Seeds

With unrivalled bag-appeal that’s backed up with beefy indica dominant effects, 3 x Caper is the hidden gem of Purple Caper’s Gold collection and the ultimate cannabis eye-candy for growers with a sense of style.

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3 x Caper Strain Genetics

3 x Caper lineage can be traced back through some of the biggest names in the world of marijuana. Purple Caper’s eponymous blend of Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, White Widow and an unknown heirloom indica has been crossbred with 3 x Crazy – a Cali Kush classic that’s sometimes known as Optimus Prime. 

Easy to germinate and gaining all the benefits of the former, plus the latter’s Bubba Kush and original OG Kush DNA, 3 x Caper marijuana seeds are chock full of rare qualities and produce eye-catching indica-dominant plants that flower in vibrant multi colours. Crafted with care and consideration by the expert breeders at Purple Caper Seeds, these regular cannabis seeds are a fitting choice for fans of more unusual cannabis combinations and now available from MGS for your growing pleasure.

3 x Caper Strain Terpene Profile

3 x Caper flavour and aroma is difficult to describe, yet unmistakable, and like its Purple Caper parent, just one sniff and you’ll be hooked in an instant. Sweet grape and tropical fruit flavours gained from Grandaddy Purple are met with just a hint of sourness and a peppery kick that tickles the nose and throat. Pungent diesel notes and earthy undertones common to Kush cultivars refine this unusual aromatic profile even further.

Terpenes are strong-smelling chemical compounds that help plants to lure pollinators or discourage predators, but they also influence action in the human body. 3 x Caper dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, which explains the plant’s earthy fruit flavour, but also many of its specific psychoactive effects.

3 x Caper Strain Effects

Coming from a long line of indica-dominant strains, 3 x Caper effects mainly revolve around the body as opposed to the mind, but the nature of its hybridized genetics means it also boasts a slightly sativa influence. Users can expect a floaty euphoric sensation which evolves into pure relaxation, pain relief, and a feeling of total ease with one’s surroundings.  

3 x Caper THC level is unknown as its chemical composition is yet to be analyzed. However, it’s safe to say its content matches that of its parent plants, which average between 15-21%, categorizing this as a high THC, low CBD strain. As such, users of a low tolerance for stronger cannabis strains should consume in small quantities to avoid any negative consequences. 

3 x Caper strain Medical Benefits

Marijuana is no miracle cure, but if used correctly, its physiological and psychological influence can be harnessed for homegrown therapeutic gains. 3 x Caper strain medical benefits are best suited to physical ailments as its high caryophyllene and myrcene content lend its powerful analgesic properties. Marvel as muscle tension, body aches, and chronic pain of all kinds fade away while under the influence of this potent indica cultivar.

3 x Caper strain medical seeds also have sedative properties, which become especially apparent if this cannabis strain is consumed in high doses. Studies have shown that myrcene terpenes amplify the sleep-inducing qualities of THC, qualifying this cultivar as an excellent candidate for treating insomnia.

How to Grow 3 x Caper Strain

The beautiful colours that make growing 3 x Caper seeds so rewarding reflect their wide-reaching heritage. As their names suggest, Purple Caper and its Grandaddy Purple progenitor are prized for their purple colouration, but this stylish strain blooms in rainbow shades of lavender, mint green, and even blue, making it great for growers who value aesthetics.  

Following an indica-typical growth pattern and yielding plenty of resinous buds, 3 x Caper flowering time is around 8 weeks from germination, so you won’t have to wait long to witness its rare beauty. Inheriting the hardiness of its forbears and high yielding, like all Purple Caper seeds, these regular seeds are where style meets substance and will add a splash of colour to any cannabis garden, indoors or out.