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Critical Mass x AK 47

by Positronics

Brought to you by the Positronics Seeds bank, Critical #47 cannabis seeds are guaranteed to produce delicious, fragrant, and quick-flowering plants with fruity flavours reminiscent of mango and peach. This indica-dominant high in THC strain offers a potent but pleasant cerebral high thanks to the balance provided by its legendary parents.

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Critical #47 Strain Genetics

This tasty crossbreed has been developed by the famed Positronics seed bank, known for being one of the Netherlands first grow shops. Critical #47 cannabis seeds are the hybrid offspring of indica-strong Critical Mass and the sativa-dominant, cannabis cup winner AK-47.

The DNA genetics of Critical #47 are certainly impressive with the presence of skunk strains also evident in its earthy undertones and pungent aroma. With such an impressive line of genetics, this masterful hybridisation is becoming a popular choice among growers and strain hunters across the world having inherited traits common to so-called indica strains and sativa strains.

Critical #47 Strain Terpene Profile

Known for its pungent aroma and delightfully sweet flavour, Critical #47 boasts a sweet and skunky terpene profile with a subtle, grounding aroma and deliciously fresh flavours. Critical #47 is packed with myrcene, one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, and is known for its earthy musk and fruity notes.

Other terpenes such as caryophyllene and geraniol help to make his hybrid lovechild taste something like a fruit salad with hints of mangos and peaches while floral linalool adds a delightful touch of vanilla.

Critical #47 Strain Effects

Critical #47 is a high THC strain with content measuring between 15-18%, making it a fairly potent cannabis strain. While certainly powerful, a Critical #47 experience is not overwhelming, and users can enjoy a pleasant, meditative sensation which is both happy and relaxing.

This cannabis strain is also known for its prolonged indica-like effects, so its best enjoyed over a relaxing evening at home, rather than as a day-time boost for your everyday activities.

Critical #47 Strain Medical benefits

The terpene content in Critical #47 also possesses potential medical benefits as myrcene, for example, is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties while mood-boosting linalool is said to be effective in treating the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.

Critical #47 could have potential medicinal value as ongoing medical research indicates strongly that cannabis strains high in THC may have highly effective pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory value and could provide relief to those suffering from mild to chronic pain.

With its sedating qualities, this marijuana strain could prove to be an effective form of medical marijuana for those looking for an alternative form of medical treatment.

How to grow Critical #47 Seeds

Positronic Seeds Critical #47 can be grown both outdoors and indoors (where it requires a flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks). First-time growers may find these cannabis seeds a little tricky to grow at first, but more experienced growers should have little difficulty. 

Critical #47 feminised seeds germinate into handsome medium-tall cannabis plants with fine, serrated leaves and, with its highly branched structure, offers an abundance of cuttings. As an added bonus, the quick flowering time means you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour quicker than other strains. Critical #47 is also great for cloning thanks to its small internodal distance and thick branches. 

However, it is important to note that when growing critical 47, this plant is quite pungent and requires some thought towards controlling that strong odour with many growers opting for carbon filters if growing indoors under grow lights.