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Sour Diesel x Haze

by Positronics

When translated to English, Chizpa means “spark”, and with this seed, it is clear that Positronics Seeds created this potent marijuana strain to bring the spark back to your day. A sativa dominant hybrid plant that grows quickly, Chizpa feminised seeds will delight veteran and novice growers alike with its unmistakable sour aroma and high-yielding buds.

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Chizpa Strain Genetics

Positronics Seeds got crafty when breeding Chizpa feminised cannabis seeds. They crossed the dank genetics of the famed cup winner Sour Diesel and Haze strains with an unknown strain from California. The result of this mysterious combination is Chizpa cannabis seeds, a high THC sativa-hybrid strain with remarkable flavours and effects.

Chizpa Strain Terpene Profile 

The somewhat bitter flavour of Chizpa marijuana seeds will remind aficionados of its Sour Diesel dank genetics. The myrcene terpene gives Chizpa its earthy and woody flavour, while caryophyllene provides the peppery spice and bite.

Limonene creates a citrus zest, and when synergising with other terpenes, helps to generate a particularly fruity punch akin to your favourite super sativa. Sweet on the inhale and spicy on the exhale, Chizpa ends with a positively earthy note reminiscent of Haze strains.

Chizpa Strain Effects

Chizpa by Positronics is a suitable strain for the more experienced consumer; novices might want to start low and go slow with this potent strain. Bred to bring out the best of its sativa qualities, Chizpa’s high THC level creates potent effects that can prove to be both mentally stimulating as well as physically intense. 

Providing a near-instant elevation, the euphoria some feel with Chizpa may translate as anxiety in others. However, those familiar with intense sativas will enjoy Chizpa’s uplifting and energising qualities and may find them helpful in creative or social settings. As the name suggests, the effect is both rapid and uplifting. 

Medical Benefits of Chizpa Strain

Medical marijuana patients will want to consider Chizpa carefully. High in THC and with the presence of the terpene caryophyllene inherited from its Sour Diesel medical marijuana genetics, some users have reported that Chizpa can help to provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

Considering the high THC level and lack of CBD in these medical seeds, those who experience anxiety may want to avoid Chizpa, as it may be overly stimulating. 

However, for those seeking a boost in energy, clarity and focus, Chizpa by Positronics creates the desired effects of Haze strains as it can spark inspiration, creativity and a more positive outlook.

How to Grow Chizpa Seeds

The experts at the Positronics Seeds seeds company has created Chizpa as a special edition feminised seed that grows into a sativa-hybrid strain with significant vegetative power.

An easy, fast and large growing plant, Chizpa feminised cannabis seeds grow well indoors and outdoors. This plant quickly grows into a chandelier structure with huge stems, sporting few but very large leaves.

Four plants will fill a square metre indoors, and plants may dominate an outdoor garden, easily reaching 3 metres in height. Trying pruning to keep plants manageable, and this plant resists fungi, so there’s less concern about rot.

Under grow lights, the flowering time of Chizpa cannabis seeds is around 10-11 weeks. You can expect an average or bigger yield of large buds with a particularly rare dankness and long hairs that are covered in thick resin.