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Somango x Haze

by Philosopher Seeds

Bred from classic and mysterious marijuana strains, Tropimango is an indica-dominant hybrid from Philosopher Seeds. Strain hunters will love this potent hybrid strain – Easy to grow, Tropimango seeds produce dense, resinous, high in THC buds following a rapid flowering time. Favoured for its truly tropical fruit flavours, Tropimango is a tropical triumph for true cannaseurs.

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Tropimango Genetics

Philosopher Seeds bred Tropimango by crossing the award-winning Somango marijuana seed with a Haze strain and other connoisseur genetics including a number of cannabis legends!

Somango itself is a ¡ cross of the legendary strains Super Skunk (or Big Skunk Korean) and the famed Jack Herer. The Haze parent is a descendant of Mexican, Columbian, Thai and Indian landrace strains.

Although Jack Herer and many Haze strain types produce sativa-dominant plants and effects, the Skunk genetics present here give Tropimango effects more typically associated with indica strains.

Tropimango Terpene Profile

Tropimango lives up to its name with its delightful odour of mango and tropical fruit. The terpene terpinolene helps to create its fruity notes with myrcene providing some fine herbal balance. You might notice how the aroma of the flower continues into the flavour of the smoke for a long-lasting and delicious aftertaste.

Try dry vaping Tropimango to experience a tropical tidal terpene trip and a rich wave of flavour!

Tropimango Effects

Tropimango is a high THC strain (around 18%) that successfully captures some of the best qualities of indica strain types. Its potent THC level and combination of terpenes create a happy, and serene effect to help you enjoy your normal activities. True to its indica heritage, these Tropimango feminised seeds will leave you feeling calm and relaxed yet still able to complete your daily tasks.

Medical Benefits of Tropimango

Tropimango offers some of the best medical marijuana genetics in helping to treat physical and mental conditions. Although it has no significant amount of CBD, Tropimango is high in THC and with the unique blend of terpenes present here, could make it a potential form of medical marijuana that may help treat pain and insomnia.

The focus and gentle euphoria caused by its Haze genetics may also to help treat mental health conditions like stress, anxiety and depression.

How to Grow Tropimango Seeds

Currently available as feminised seeds, Philosopher Seed’s Tropimango is a large and dense plant with dark leaves and short internodal space, like many classic indica strains. These easy to grow feminized cannabis seeds have a robust structure and ability to tolerate high volumes of nutrients.

Tropimango feminised seeds grow well indoors and outdoors, doing best with temperatures below 28°C and low humidity near the end of the bloom. 

When growing indoors, try a Sea of Green (SOG) method to produce tight, compact and fast buds. Expect an aromatic and bright white resin within a three week grow period and an average yield overall.

If growing these feminised cannabis seeds outdoors, plant early in April for a higher than average yield, but wait until mid-May or use contains to keep plants smaller for a discreet crop.

Expect dense and compact plants and watch for mould in case of rain or dew, as the high density of the buds may increase the chance of crop infections. Strain hunters will appreciate Tropimango feminized cannabis seeds’ quick flowering time and average to high yield at harvest.