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by Philosopher Seeds

Pure CBD Punch is a therapeutic CBD rich strain ready to meet your medicinal needs. Courtesy of Spanish seed company Philosopher Seeds, these easy to grow Pure CBD Punch seeds produce a strain abundant with flavour. With CBD content pushing as high as 15%, this sativa-dominant poly hybrid marijuana seed is ideal for those who wish to explore the medicinal potential of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

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Pure CBD Punch Genetics

Philosopher Seeds teamed up with the award-winning seed company, Reggae Seeds with a mission to create a therapeutic yet flavourful CBD rich strain from carefully selected genetics. The result was pure CBD punch feminised seeds – a sativa-dominant genetic cross between two specially selected Session strains. A popular hybrid between cannabis favourites and cannabis cup winners Diesel and Kalijah – Session is a type of marijuana seed favoured for its high yields and diesel aroma. 

By selecting the best traits from its lineage, Philosopher Seeds have crafted a medicinal cannabis strain as productive and flavorful as its genetic parents.

Pure CBD Punch Terpene Profile

As well as being known for their medical potential, Pure CBD Punch cannabis seeds are packed with flavour thanks to the rich terpene profile, inherited from its prestigious DNA genetics.

With that distinct petrol-fuelled aroma there is no mistaking the Diesel influence, inherited from its genetic parent. It’s not all petrol fumes though, there are plenty of fruity flavours in these CBD seeds to balance things out – ocimene provides a hint of mint while limonene freshens the palate with a burst of citrus. The presence of commonly found myrcene adds a subtle earthy undertone you’ll notice in the exhale.

Pure CBD Punch Effects

As the name suggests, these Pure CBD Punch cannabis seeds certainly pack a punch in the CBD department. With the CBD levels reaching a whopping 15% and with less than 1% THC, this is a purely medicinal strain which will relieve any aches and pains and keep your mind clear at the same time.

Extremely relaxing for the mind and body without the high, Pure CBD Punch medical seeds are ideal for those who want to use cannabis medicinally without the psychedelic effects.

Medical benefits of Pure CBD Punch

With such high CBD levels, Pure CBD Punch is an impressive form of medical marijuana. CBD is now known to possess therapeutic properties to treat a wide range of medical conditions including chronic pain and inflammation. CBD users have also reported its effectiveness in dealing with depression and anxiety.

Don’t forget about the terpenes though as the compounds in this cannabis strain also boast plenty of medical potential. Take ocimene,  present here, believed to be a powerful anti-inflammatory while myrcene is thought to be a muscle relaxant, known to reduce pain, and used for its sedative effects. 

How to Grow Pure CBD Punch

Philosopher Seeds currently offer Pure CBD Punch in the form of feminised cannabis seeds which are both easy to grow and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Experienced growers and beginners alike will find cultivating these CBD seeds a breeze. Producing a strain which is noticeably sativa-like in structure, these medical seeds are renowned for their high yields. 

Pure CBD Punch feminised cannabis seeds produce plants which are resilient and resistant to pests, although they aren’t too keen on high levels of humidity so bear this in mind when planning where to grow your Pure CBD Punch seeds. The fairly quick flowering time means you’ll be harvesting your medicinal plants in around eight to ten weeks.