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Somango x Mazar

by Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds has taken Gokunk and its Skunk genetics to all new heights with Philo Skunk, a delicious and potent indica-hybrid. These easy to grow, fast flowering, feminized seeds do well indoors and produce a spectacular outdoor harvest. Strain hunters who are looking for their next cannabis cup winner will want to grow these elite seeds.

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Philo Skunk Genetics

Philo Skunk is Philosopher Seeds improvement on the Gokunk strain. Bred from Somango, a cross of Super Skunk and Jack Herer, and Mazar, a descendant of Afghan and Skunk strains, Philo Skunk female seeds are the product of the highest pedigree.

These next-generation feminised seeds have been bred to grow easily and produce a generous yield of high THC resin.

Philo Skunk Terpene Profile

As a hybrid, Philo Skunk advanced seeds grow into flowers that taste of rich indica and bright sativa strains. The presence of the caryophyllene terpene creates notes of spice and pepper, with myrcene adding a warm herbal sensation.

Terpinolene, also found in many Skunk strains gives it a fruity boost and balances the woody aromas with a lingering sweet flavour and rare dankness.

Philo Skunk Effects

Philosopher Seeds improved on Gokunk, a highly rated and very potent medical marijuana strain. The high THC level (around 20%) in these advanced seeds has strengthened Philo Skunk’s relaxing and uplifting high.

Providing a long-lasting elevation, enjoy music and creative activities that allow you to relax and melt into the flow. Philo Skunk’s combination of THC and relaxing myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes give this cannabis strain a smooth and sleepy landing.

Medical Benefits of Philo Skunk

As an indica-hybrid cannabis strain, Philo Skunk medical seeds provide relief typical of both indicas and sativas.

Its Skunk genetics means a high THC level, commonly used for pain relief. Although Philo Skunk has no significant CBD, its myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes have been shown to provide relief for both stress and insomnia.

The uplifting terpinolene terpene in this medical marijuana may also bring mental clarity and focus that can help to alleviate anxiety and depression.

How to Grow Philo Skunk Seeds

Philosopher Seeds made Philo Skunk feminised cannabis seeds an easy to grow strain. Indoor and outdoor gardens that use Sea of Green (SOG) of Screen of Green (SCROG) grow kits will see these advanced seeds soar.

These plants do not generally require special care, but mesh support from the third or fourth week of flowering may be needed to support the weight of its heavy buds. Philo Skunk feminized cannabis seeds defy its indica genetics by growing to a massive two metres outdoors. Expect the plants to flower in 7-8 weeks with an average yield indoors and a higher yield from an outdoor harvest.