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Naran J x Tropimango

by Philosopher Seeds

Orange Candy by Philosopher Seeds, also known as Narachup, is a high in THC (around 19%) sativa-dominant hybrid that is quickly gaining in popularity thanks to its energising high and delightful tangy flavour.  Orange Candy feminized seeds are easy to grow both indoors and out, producing high yields of deliciously fruity buds.

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Orange Candy Strain Genetics

Orange Candy is a simple name for some complex DNA genetics originating from a variety of seeds banks. It started with Reggae Seeds crossing the famed NYC Diesel strain and Morning Glory to create Naran J, the origin of this cannabis strain’s orange title and first parent.

Genius seed breeders then crossed cup winner Somango with a Haze strain to create Tropimango, the second parent. Philosopher Seeds brought Naran J and Tropimango together to create these outstanding feminised seeds –  A sativa-dominant hybrid, high in THC and rich in robust, bright flavours.

Orange Candy Strain Terpene Profile

These cannabis seeds wouldn’t be called Orange Candy if its flavour didn’t live up to its name. Taking after its Tropimango genetics, Orange Candy by Philosopher Seeds gets its striking orange flavour and mouth-watering sweetness from its limonene and terpinolene terpenes.

Notice the long-lasting flavour finishes with a distinct diesel aftertaste? You can thank its cup winner and legendary parent NYC Diesel’s myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes for leaving effervescent and earthy endnotes.

Orange Candy Strain Effects

Orange Candy’s sativa seed genetics make this high THC level create an uplifting and mentally active high. Some may find this high THC strain to be perfect for creative and artistic pursuits, while others may feel energized and ready to socialise. Once the high peaks, sit back, relax and enjoy a little introspection.

Medical Benefits Orange Candy Strain

Orange Candy seeds could be more than just a sweet treat for recreational users. When Philosopher Seeds bred this sativa-hybrid cannabis strain, they created a strain that could aid medicinal users.

Orange Candy is a high THC strain containing myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes that may help treat chronic pain, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

The limonene and terpinolene terpenes present in Orange Candy create energizing and uplifting effects that may also prove beneficial for other mood conditions like anxiety and depression.

How to Grow Orange Candy Strain

Orange Candy is an easy to grow sativa seed for all types of grow systems. A robust, low and chunky structured cannabis strain, Orange Candy feminised cannabis seeds resist pests and mould, and can easily tolerate nutrient or temperature imbalances.

These cannabis seeds will do well in an indoor Sea of Green (SOG) set up, and be sure to remove lower branches from this flowering type to promote central bud development if the grow space is packed with plants. If growing outdoors, prune the tops to promote lateral branching, which increases production and keeps the grow discreet. 

Expect a flowering period of 7-8 weeks for indoor plants and be ready in early October (April in the southern hemisphere) to collect your outdoor harvest.