Buy Fruity Jack strain seeds

Respect #13 x Jack the Ripper

by Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds have certainly bred a winner with their feminized cannabis strain Fruity Jack (aka Jack El Frutero). With a 2:1 THC: CBD ratio, Fruity Jack won Best CBD Strain at Spannabis 2018 and 1st prize in the CBD category at the Canary Islands Cup in 2015.

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Fruity Jack Strain Genetics

Prior to all those awards, Philosopher Seeds collaborated with their friends at the seeds company Reggae Seeds to create the wonderful Fruity Jack cannabis seeds.

They started with Respect #13, a cannabis cup winner at Spannabis in 2012, and paired it with Jack the Ripper, a sativa phenotype cannabis strain known for its unique flavour, potent effects, and remarkable ability to stabilize hybrid DNA genetics.

Respect #13 and Jack the Ripper combined to leave us with the delightful Fruity Jack, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Relatively high in THC at around 19%, strain hunters will particularly appreciate this wonderful strain due to the high level of CBD (around 11%) which helps to create a particularly balanced and smooth effect.

Fruity Jack Strain Terpene Profile

Fruity Jack feminized cannabis seeds provide a deliciously balanced blend of the flavours of its iconic parents. The fruity and citrus notes come from the terpinolene and limonene terpenes and may remind cannaseurs of their favourite Haze strains.

The earthy and herbal aftertastes come from the caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes, providing a rare dankness and flavour balance to its brighter notes.

Fruity Jack Strain Effects

Fruity Jack grows into a unique strain that creates truly balanced effects. Its potent THC level alongside its limonene terpene uplifts and stimulates while Fruity Jack’s CBD content moderates the intensity of the THC buzz.

CBD combined with the myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes create relaxing and sedative effects. By combining these varied cannabinoids and terpenes, expect a balanced and pleasant high without the paranoia or sleepiness of more intense strains.

Medical Benefits of Fruity Jack Strain

Cannabis strains with higher levels of CBD are gaining a reputation for helping with many ailments.

As an anti-inflammatory, CBD can help with chronic pain, loss of appetite and anxiety while THC is known to help with mood disorders by creating euphoric highs that can help to reduce symptoms in conditions like anxiety and depression.

As such, Fruity Jack is one of a number of well-balanced THC/CBD strains that are gaining popularity as medical marijuana. That balance of THC and CBD found in Fruity Jack could provide sustained relief from several conditions.

How to Grow Fruity Jack Strain

Philosopher Seeds bred Fruity Jack (aka Jack el Frutero) female seeds to be an ideal strain to grow indoors or outdoors.

Fruity Jack grows into a big plant thanks to its sativa-dominant genetics. An average of 9 to 16 plants will work indoors, or up to 20 if growing with a Sea of Green (SOG) and 12/12 photoperiod technique. These feminized seeds are suitable for both hydroponics and soil.

This delightful hybrid strain will grow into a strong plant with few leaves, making it very easy to trim. The plants require full and abundant feeding during all stages to produce an optimal yield.

Be ready for an outdoor harvest in early-mid October outdoors, or a flowering time of 9 weeks for indoor grows.

Expect high yields of resin-coated buds that are ideal for making high-quality hashish and other resin concentrates.