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Yumbolt x Kali Mist

by Philosopher Seeds

A popular choice in seeds banks across Europe, Easy Haze/K-13 is an award-winning, sativa-dominant hybrid love letter to haze strains developed by the expert strain hunters at Philosopher Seeds. Also known as K13 Haze, Easy Haze (available in feminised seeds) is a fast-flowering sativa seed variety that offers an impressive Haze aroma coupled with a potent psychedelic buzz.

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Easy Haze Strain Genetics

This imposing Sativa-dominant hybrid is a Philosopher Seeds backcross of a Yumboldt strain with multi-time cup winner Kali Mist.

A cup winner in its own right having claimed 3rd prize in the resins category at the 2011 Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup, Easy Haze female seeds bring out all the best traits of the Haze strains in its ancestry. Easy Haze or K13 Haze’s strong, dense and compact structure is surely inherited from its Yumbolt parent while its thin leaflets, the scent of incense and clear sativa effects have been passed down from its second parent, the legendary Kali Mist.

Easy Haze Strain Terpene Profile

A full terpene profile for Easy Haze cannabis seeds remains under development, but the genetic background and scent and taste of this sativa dominant strain provides a number of clues that allow us to make some educated guesses.

When growing, a tropical fruit aroma with a hint of citrus is very apparent, likely thanks to the fruity, lemon-infused smells created by linalool and limonene. When the plant dries, however, the scent becomes substantially earthier, thanks in part to myrcene, the terpene responsible for that famous cannabis scent and flavour.

Easy Haze also leaves a definite hint of woody loveliness on the tongue on exhale, that is likely to be caused by the presence of humulene.

Easy Haze Strain Effects

With such a high THC content of around 21%, Easy Haze is a potent beast, offering impressive psychoactive effects. Haze strains such as Kali Mist are known for a powerful cerebral buzz, and this Philosopher Seeds Easy Haze strain combines that with an added psychedelic effect that can aid creativity and imagination. However, being a Haze strain, as the name indicates, Easy Haze is not ideal for tasks requiring a lot of concentration.

However, if you’re looking for that kickstart in the middle of the day, Easy Haze is an ideal choice to inspire a creative mind with its powerful sativa-dominant effects ideally suited for the experienced cannasieur who enjoys daytime consumption.

Easy Haze Strain Medical Benefits

There are a few potential benefits as a result of the terpene profile and genetic background of Easy Haze feminized cannabis seeds.

The combination of linalool and limonene in this Philosopher Seeds strain has the potential to aid those struggling with anxiety and stress. Both terpenes have a long history of use in herbal medicines to relax the mind and sedate the body, potentially providing anti-stress properties.

Easy Haze may also be a solid medical marijuana choice for those who suffer from chronic pain, with both humulene and myrcene thought to provide pain-relief and potential anti-inflammatory properties, which could also assist in the relief of joint pain.

How to Grow Easy Haze Cannabis seeds

These easy to grow, feminized cannabis seeds have a fast flowering time whether grown indoors or in an outdoor environment. Easy Haze grows smaller than most haze strains when grown indoors, but without too much of a loss in terms of yield. Perfect for both SOG and SCROG growing methods, you can expect a fairly decent yield of 450-600 gr/m2, with an indoor flowering time of just 8 weeks possible with these rapid flowering female seeds.

When grown outdoors in warm, dry climates, this is an immensely prolific sativa seed that will produce huge plants. As such, a high yield of up to 900g can be expected from an outdoor harvest. Outdoor growers can also expect a relatively fast flowering time of around 8 to 10 weeks. Expect harvest time to come in early September with Easy Haze providing the ultimate autumn buzz.