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Gorilla Glue #4 x Early Maroc

by Philosopher Seeds

Brought to you by the experts at the seeds company Philosopher Seeds, Early Gorilla is a potent indica-dominant cannabis strain that delivers a serious dose of euphoria and sedative relaxation. Easy to grow, Early Gorilla offers potently high THC levels that has made it a huge favourite in seeds banks for both recreational and medical marijuana consumers.

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Early Gorilla Strain Genetics

There is a good reason why these impressively dank seeds are sought after by strain hunters globally! The proud child of the renowned Original Glue (a.k.a. Gorilla Glue #4) and Early Maroc, Philosopher Seeds Early Gorilla was created out of a desire to combine Early Maroc’s extremely early flowering with the sublime resin production and potency that have made GG#4 some of the most sought after cannabis seeds on the market.

As a result, a beautiful indica dominant hybrid (available as feminised seeds), with supreme DNA genetics was created, boasting heady THC levels of around 20%.

Early Gorilla Strain Terpene Profile

Philosopher seeds managed to incorporate a healthy range of terpenes from the dank genetics of its parents in Early Gorilla, to provide this cannabis strain with its fantastic medical potential and wondrous aroma.

The presence of myrcene, inherited from parent Gorilla Glue#4 provides Early Gorilla with its intense earthy and fresh aroma. This smell is complemented by floral and citric undertones, thanks to the presence of a decent amount of limonene and linalool, which it inherits from both parents.

The results are delicious seeds boasting a mouth-watering aroma which smells fresh, citrusy, earthy and natural – leading to many consumers claiming it to be one of the tastiest indica-dominant medical marijuana strains available today.

Early Gorilla Strain Effects

Early Gorilla boasts instant effects which are intense and long-lasting. Much like its parent Gorilla Glue, this marijuana seed boasts some of the best DNA genetics found in seeds banks. It provides users with a second to none state of euphoric relaxation.

Like most indica-dominant hybrids, this sedative state can result in a very happy and lazy mood before a night of deep and relaxing sleep. 

Early Gorilla Strain Medical Benefits 

There is definite medicinal potential with Early Gorilla, largely thanks to its impressive medical marijuana genetics.

The intense state of relaxation Early Gorilla provides is ideal for combating stress. The prevalence of the limonene terpene particularly aids this medical marijuana plant to provide anxiety and stress relief

The prevalence of myrcene further enhances the state of pure relaxation. This can help those suffering from sleeping disorders, by inducing a high quality and quantity of sleep. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties of myrcene can help with pain relief and the anxiety and stress often associated with it.

How to grow Early Gorilla Seeds

By following our simple growing guide, Early Gorilla is an easy to grow strain for growers of all levels due to its natural resistance to pests and fungi, low nutritional needs and vigorous growth. Like most indica dominant plant, it is a sturdy, resilient and low standing.

Early Gorilla is best grown outdoors where we recommend using organic fertilizers to get a more complex and intense range of terpenes. These truly impressive feminised seeds have a rapid flowering time and are usually ready for harvest around late August or the beginning of September in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Having a remarkable number of trichome glands it boasts a high yield – usually 450-550g per plant and boasts an impressive resin production, much like its famed parent, the all-mighty Gorilla Glue.