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Black Domina x Tropimango

by Philosopher Seeds

From the seeds bank Philosopher Seeds, Black Bomb is a potent indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. A cannabis cup winner in 2012 for best outdoor grow, these feminized seeds are easy to grow both outdoors and indoors. Fragrant, delicious and packed full of healing compounds, Black Bomb grows easily into potent flowers that even the fussiest of strain hunters will adore. 

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Black Bomb Strain Genetics

Black Bomb feminised cannabis seeds were bred from diverse and dank genetics. A cross of Black Domina and Tropimango, Black Bomb has tremendous DNA genetics in its lineage.

Black Domina is the result of compound genetics including Afghan landrace strains and hash crossed with the famous Northern Lights. While Tropimango comes from the tropical seeds of Somango, a child of Big Skunk Korean and the iconic Jack Herer.

Black Bomb Strain Terpene Profile

Black Bomb’s rare dankness creates an explosion of aromas, flavours and aftertastes. The terpinolene terpene in these cannabis seeds produces a sweet and fruity taste. The fresh piney fragrance is inherited from pinene and the intense earthiness from myrcene.

Try vaporising the flower to taste its full pallet, including a peppery bite from its caryophyllene terpene, to learn why this became a cannabis cup winner.

Black Bomb Strain Effects

With its high THC level and sedating myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes, Philosopher seeds Black Bomb provide effects classic of the best indica strains. THC is known to lift mood and create a happy euphoria, potentially reducing stress as well as pain. Pinene is known to provide focus and clarity, particularly helpful in decluttering the mind. Considering the potent THC and relaxing terpene profile, save Black Bomb to help connect with yourself and unwind at the end of the day.

Medical Benefits of Black Bomb Strain

Heavy hitters like Black Bomb have the qualities that medical marijuana strain hunters often seek. Although it has no significant CBD, Black Bomb’s potent THC levels and rich variety of terpenes suggests that this powerful strain contains serious medical marijuana genetics that could provide relief for many conditions. Myrcene and terpinolene act as sedatives, while caryophyllene is an anti-bacterial that may help digestive issues. Pinene is shown to fight bacteria, aid inflammation and respiratory illness when vaporised.

How to Grow Black Bomb Seeds

Philosopher Seeds made this indica-dominant cannabis strain of Black Bomb easy to grow for new and experienced cultivators alike. Resistant to pests, Black Bomb feminised seeds are ideal for indoor and outdoor grows under drier conditions.

With its low structure, Black Bomb cannabis seeds grow well indoors using the Sea of Green (SOG) method. Try growing 25 to 30 plants per square metre to achieve optimal production. Outdoors Black Bomb quickly grows into round, robust and compact plants that have little branching.

Be sure to give these heavyweight seeds nutrients between the third and sixth week of flowering to increase production. Ensure the grow has low humidity, as Black Bomb’s high density of buds make it sensitive to moisture and prone to mould.

Expect to harvest outdoor grows in early October, and indoor flowering times of 7 or 8 weeks. The high THC buds produce potent resin suitable for extraction.