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Critical Mass x Amnesia Haze

by Philosopher Seeds

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds which produce high yields and equally high potency, look no further than the award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid strain Amnesika 2.0. Claiming 3rd prize in the 2012 Cannabis Cup for best sativa strain, Amnesika 2.0 by renowned seeds company Philosopher Seeds is a welcome addition to our vast seeds bank.

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Amnesika 2.0 Strain Genetics

Originating in Spain, these feminised seeds have been carefully bred by Philosopher Seeds to improve on their original version of the strain, Amnesika.

This sativa dominant strain boasts Skunk and Afghani DNA genetics inherited from its parent, Critical Mass, a strain famed for its high yields and dense buds. On the other half of its genetic coin is the world-famous Amnesia Haze, another hugely popular cannabis cup winner that needs little introduction.

Amnesika 2.0 Strain Terpene Profile

While the full terpene profile for Amnesika 2.0 cannabis seeds is still to be developed, we can make some assumptions by looking at the DNA genetics of Amnesika 2.0.

This delightfully aromatic strain inherits skunky characteristics from its genetic parent, Critical Mass and a burst of lemony freshness from Amnesia Haze. You can thank the presence of humulene for that woody musk, a subtle, earthy terpene commonly found in coriander and hops.

Users report this cannabis strain has a taste reminiscent of hazelnut, which could be due to a hint of pinene, while linalool keeps things balanced with sweet florals.

Amnesika 2.0 Strain Effects

Even the most experienced of strain hunters should be prepared for a euphoric blast of energy with this high THC strain (around 21%). While Amnesika 2.0 female seeds produce a great strain for those with a high tolerance, new users should enjoy it in moderation.

The pinene content in these feminised seeds can help increase concentration for daytime tasks – whether you’re writing your first novel or alphabetising your CD collection, Amnesika 2.0 is ideal for keeping the mind focused.

However, with a higher than average THC content, combined with the presence of earthy myrcene, keep a couch nearby to enjoy that full-bodied relaxation.

Amnesika 2.0 Strain Medical Benefits 

The combination of terpene compounds found in Amnesika 2.0 as well as the high THC content, gives this sativa hybrid strain plenty of potential when used as medicinal marijuana. 

Genetic parents, Amnesia Haze and Critical Mass contain myrcene which has been used as a sedative and muscle relaxant in traditional medicine. Recent studies also suggest the earthy compound could also help relieve pain and inflammation. The other earthy terpene humulene, commonly found in Skunk genetics, is also thought to be an effective anti-inflammatory. 

The presence of pinene, which also has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, suggests that Amnesika 2.0 has the potential to provide serious relief from those suffering from chronic pain and it’s related symptoms. 

How to Grow Amnesika 2.0 Seeds

Amnesika 2.0 cannabis seeds are easy to grow and can be grown both inside and outside without much fuss. Prepare yourself for vigorous growth, as this sativa-dominant strain is renowned for its huge outdoor and indoor yield and rapid growth during its quick flowering time, with plants reaching two metres, if grown outside

Available as feminised cannabis seeds, Amnesika 2.0 is easy to cultivate, but it is recommended you maintain your plants by keeping the lower branches in check by cutting them regularly.

The short flowering period of these impressive feminised seeds means you’ll be savouring your first taste of this award-winning cup winner strain in as little as eight weeks.