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Rainbow Belts x Wedding Cake

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Pheno Finder Seeds presents the high yielding feminised cannabis strain, Rainbow Cake. A new release from the highly respected breeder, this top-shelf hybrid strain is an exciting cross of impressive genetics, resulting in explosive THC levels and a mother of a buzz to match! Now available at MGS in feminized seeds

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Rainbow Cake Strain Genetics

The genetics of these Rainbow Cake cannabis seeds blend a cult classic with a seedbank and coffeeshop favourite to stunning effect here. One branch of the family tree is Archive Seed Bank’s potent beauty, and arguably their finest creation, Rainbow Belts (Zkittlez x Moonbow #75), and the other is the epic Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints). You don’t have to be a seasoned cannaisseur to know there’s a lot of GSC lineage there.

The sweet sherbert flavours are doubled down on, too, as Moonbow is a Zkittlez cross itself (blended with Do-Si-Dos), so you know you’re dealing with a marijuana strain that could deal with the most severe of sugar cravings! That’s not all this lineage gives either, with the high potency and easy growing traits also being passed down the Cookies lineage.

Rainbow Cake Strain Terpene Profile

There is a rich terpene profile at play with Rainbow Cake, with a host of competing flavours, including citrus fruits, vanilla, cream, and herbal, classic Kush tones. One of the dominant terps is limonene (fruity) which combines with the peppery caryophyllene to create that familiar Girl Scout Cookies sweetness on the inhale.

On top of that is a hoppy, floral vibe that comes from a blend of two more abundant terps, humulene and linalool. Also at play is myrcene, the old-school cannabis terpene, which brings that earthy beauty to the aroma on exhale. A lot is going on here, but every tantalising flavour complements the next.

Rainbow Cake Strain Effects

Handed down from Rainbow Belts is an immense and intense potency thanks to a THC content that can reach up and beyond 25%! As you can probably assume, that means this is not a marijuana strain we’d recommend for beginners. That being said, Kush and Cookies dominate the heritage here, so the buzz is more uplifting than couch-locking if you’re careful!

There’s no need to go too hard here, easy does it is the way to the best effects, with a state of beautiful euphoria swiftly capturing the mind, while a full-body buzz provides an overwhelming sense of relaxation and stress-relief that can’t be argued with. This strain from the Pheno Finder Seed Company is not suggested for during the day, but it’s one of the best ways to end it!

Rainbow Cake Strain Medical Benefits

One of the most potential medical marijuana benefits mention most for Rainbow Cake’s parent strains is the relief of anxiety, and it seems likely that this marijuana strain will be carrying on the family tradition! The deep terpene profile and high THC level should combine to create relief for symptoms of anxiety and related conditions.

Another possible benefit from the cannabinoid and terpene combination is support for those who are living with insomnia. Whether short-term or long-term, whether struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both, this sedating, mood-lifting strain may well be able to help!

How to Grow Rainbow Cake Strain Seeds

The flowering time of these feminised seeds is a little longer than the average, getting up to 10 weeks from germination, but that little bit of extra time more than pays off when the dense, glimmering, trichome covered buds start to reveal themselves, the resin production really is off the chain here!

The dank and dense indoor yield is impressive but is outdone by the results for outdoor and greenhouse growers. Care is necessary here, including trimming and checking for mites and mould. But, if treated well, a high outdoor yield is the result, with dark coloured, pine-cone shaped buds covered in orange pistils, literally dripping in resin, and smelling like a sweet shop! A potential cup winner waiting to happen, this strain is an absolute treat!