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Purple Strawberry Bliss x Sunset Sherbet

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Tangy flavours, eye-catching colours, and invigorating THC-fuelled effects all combine in Purple Strawberry Sherbert – a multi-award-winning sativa allrounder from Pheno Finder Seeds that unites old-school and modern genetics in an unparalleled and innovative blend.

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Purple Strawberry Sherbert Strain Genetic Profile

Purple Strawberry Sherbert feminised seeds are a multi-award-winning marriage of two potent American strains, one born from two Cookies champions and the other from an iconic old-school cannabis duo. Taking home 2nd place in the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa, this fully-loaded hybrid packs high yields, colourful hues, heavy-hitting effects, and heavenly flavours into a single photoperiod cultivar. 

Although not available as autoflowering or regular seeds, this feminized purple variety from MGS is crammed full of potential. Marking one of the Pheno Hunter Seeds company’s most acclaimed experiments to date, Purple Strawberry Sherbert lineage combines Purple Strawberry Bliss – a stinky Exodus Cheese and Blueberry skunk blend – with the iconic Sunset Sherbet. Incredibly high-standard and simple to cultivate for all abilities, if you’re seeking cup-winning quality at a fraction of the effort, these multifaceted marijuana seeds make a mighty fine investment.

Purple Strawberry Sherbert Strain Terpene Profile

Purple Strawberry Sherbert aroma is sour and intense but loaded with subtle nuances. Its mix of Skunk and Girl Scout Cookies genetics has resulted in a powerfully herbal flavour profile, with creamy cheese and fresh fruit flavours coming through when smoked. These become significantly enhanced when using a cannabis vaporizer, revealing subtle accents of kush and sweet candy. 

Purple Strawberry Sherbert dominant terpene is myrcene; the compound often held responsible for the fruit and herbal flavours that characterise Skunk strains. Also found naturally in hops, mango, and lemongrass, It’s hardly surprising that this fragrant terpene, along with others like geraniol and limonene, is used extensively within the perfume industry. 

Purple Strawberry Sherbert Strain Effects

Purple Strawberry Sherbert effects have both indica and sativa influences, but if you’re not a fan of a strong cerebral high, then we recommend looking elsewhere. Although users will experience some physical relaxation, its mental effects are much more pronounced, resulting in an intense psychedelic burst of euphoria and free thought. A brilliant choice for brainstorming and creative collaboration, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better fit if you’re looking for a little artistic inspiration.

Purple Strawberry Sherbert THC level has yet to be measured, but the Pheno Finder seed bank classifies it as a very high THC/low CBD strain. This is to be expected as their Sherbet S1 short bush plants are incredibly strong and PSB – which was originally created from a packet of Cheeseberry seeds and gifted to Pheno Hunter from the south of Holland – has levels ranging between 15-20%. Although great for daytime consumption, if you’re susceptible to paranoia or mind race, both common side-effects of sativa strains, we’d opt for something more indica-dominant. 

Purple Strawberry Sherbert Strain Medical Benefits

Although stronger sativa strains can cause feelings of anxiety in some users, their unique terpene content can actually help alleviate similar symptoms in others. Boasting high levels of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, which are thought to help reduce anxiety levels, Purple Strawberry Sherbert medical seeds are the perfect example of how the effects of cannabis can be a double edge sword. For higher tolerance users with anxiety issues, its calming qualities can be great for aiding social interaction.

Purple Strawberry Sherbert medical benefits also apply to patients with glaucoma – one of the first medical conditions to be considered for cannabis treatment. THC can help to reduce the pressure on the optic nerve and retina, making this condition more manageable, and this THC-rich strain is particularly effective as it’s also highly suitable for day use.

How to Grow Purple Strawberry Sherbert Strain

Producing bushy, hybridized plants defined by a huge central cola and rich lateral branching, these feminized photoperiod seeds from Pheno Finders won’t fail to impress. Ideal for SOG cultivation but also adapting well to SCROG setups, the strain’s resinous, rocky buds will bloom in dark purple hues if exposed to colder temperatures a few days before harvest, giving them great bag appeal for those who like their product to pop. You’llYou’ll have plenty to experiment with by the end of the process as well because Purple Strawberry Sherbert yields can reach up to 600g per m2 indoors or a massive 800-2000g per plant outside. 

While growing Purple Strawberry Sherbert cannabis seeds is undoubtedly a visual treat, it can be uneasy on the nose owing to this pheno’s strong skunk genetics, which really makes its pungent presence known as the plant matures. Indoor growers hoping for a discreet grow cycle should consider using a carbon filtration system to help keep their space smell free once Purple Strawberry Sherbert flowering time kicks in at around eight-nine weeks from germination. An easily tamable crop that’s suitable for experts and beginners alike make this colourful cannabis cup-winner your new flavour of the week with these first-class feminized seeds.