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OG18 x LA Kandy

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Packing plenty of Big Poppa energy, Notorious OG is a Kush combination from Pheno Finder Seeds that gives good and plenty with its mad flavour, BIG yields, and a hypnotizing indica impact that’s absolutely outstanding.

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Notorious OG Genetic Profile

For West Coast flavours with East Coast attitude, look no further than Notorious OG marijuana seeds from the Pheno Finder Seedbank. Born from two real dank kush cultivars – including an elite selection of the iconic OG #18 (Christopher Wallace OG cut) – this hard-hitting, indica-dominant strain packs plenty of mad flavour, phenomenal effects, and easy growth into a single, high-productive kush plant. Already a 2nd place Copa Cannaval winner and a 3rd place Canary Islands Cup recipient, this special OG Kush clone is ideal for strain hunters looking for a New York twist on a classic CA recipe.

Along with OG #18 – an NYC cut bred in homage to the hip-hop superstar – Notorious OG lineage also features genetics from a mysterious male Kush obtained from a seed found in a bag of weed purchased from the famous Voyagers Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, increasing the plant’s overall harvests, resin content, and OG authenticity. OG Kush may be known as the Californian Dream, but this feminized East Coast update is one even the late great Biggie Smalls would be proud of! 

Notorious OG Strain Terpene Profile

Notorious OG aroma is brimming with a profoundly intense OG funk that can quickly choke your grow space. Sweet and earthy, with a peppery diesel kick, its classic profile will be welcome and familiar to fans of old-school kush strains, but if you find it too overwhelming, consider using carbon filtration to keep its strong scent at bay. Although its thick sweet smoke might tickle your throat, the sour flavour, herbal notes, and hashy aftertaste accompany it are as funky fresh as they come.

Notorious OG dominant terpenes are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, and it’s this terpenic triad that provides kush strains with their distinctive taste and smell. Despite its Californian heritage, OG Kush originally has Pakistani/Afghani origins, where its unique aromatic composition helps it to deter native pests.

Notorious OG Strain Effects

Notorious OG effects are typical of a strong kush cultivar. Beginning with a powerful sativa-like cerebral kick to the brain, followed by an intensely relaxing experience that’s predominantly focused on the body, users can look forward to an indica-dominant heavy stone with a potent sedative kick at the end. Great for catching up on some downtime, creative chilling, or as a break after a long day in the studio, as Biggie said best in ‘Dead Wrong’ – just relax and take notes while you take tokes of that marijuana smoke!

Notorious OG THC level hasn’t yet been tested, but the levels of its rap-representing, double High Time cannabis cup-winning parent are known to peak at 21%. This makes it a powerful strain even by OG Kush standards, so be prepared to combat strong feelings of couchlock if indulging in excess.

Notorious OG Strain Medical Benefits

The strong sedative effects that accompany OG Kush pheno’s are ideal for medical marijuana users who suffer from sleep-disruptive disorders. THC is known to mimic the effects of melatonin – the neurotransmitter that governs our body’s sleep/wake cycle – and as a high THC/low CBD strain with a complementary myrcene content, this means Notorious OG medical benefits are custom made for treating insomnia and similar sleep conditions. 

Kush strains are also famed for their painkilling properties owing to their high caryophyllene content. When paired with high THC levels in a strain such as this, these analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties become double strength, benefiting from a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Highly effective when treating chronic conditions, those dealing with pain on a daily basis will find Notorious OG medical seeds a particularly useful ally in their everyday struggle.

How to Grow Notorious OG Strain

OG Kush is known as a particularly hard plant to home grow. Sensitive to light and nutrient levels and susceptible to pests and stress, successful yields of this West Coast pheno are generally limited to only the most expert growers. Fortunately, growing Notorious OG marijuana seeds is much less of a hassle. Producing short, indica-dominant plants with impressive internodal spacing, these female seeds an excellent choice for indoor SOG or SCROG setups and for those growing outdoors, we recommend a hotter, drier climate as high humidity can quickly rot the plant’s dense nugs during flowering.

Notorious OG cannabis seeds yields are big enough to satisfy even the greediest grower, and dedicated cultivators can expect a vast crop of dank and super compact bright green buds as a reward for their hard work. The plant’s strong OG smell shouldn’t come as any surprise, so ensure to act accordingly if you’re looking for a discreet grow. 

The aroma issue will only become a problem during the later stages of the flowering period and, as Notorious OG flowering time is around nine weeks from germination, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. With Notorious OG, the sky’s the limit, so for a double-award winning OG strain that’s got it going on, why not try these feminized photoperiod seeds on for size?