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LA Confidential x Fire OG

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Pheno Finders Seeds have unleashed L.A. Fire from its seed bank, an indica-heavy hybrid wrapped within a resinous haze of sweet kush and earthy dankness. Take a trip with this delicious photoperiod beauty and lose yourself in waves of potent relaxation. Available now in easy to grow feminised seeds.   

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L.A. Fire Strain Genetics 

Pheno Finder Seeds L.A. Fire seeds are a glorious marriage of LA Confidential x Fire OG. A California classic from DNA Breeders, L.A. Confidential, is known for its cup-winning history and perfectly indica effects. With a genealogy that includes landrace Afghan strains and OG LA Affie, expect sturdy growth and impactful strength.

Fire O.G., the other half of L.A. Fire lineage, is an indica-dominant hybrid born of OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. The results are a massive O.G. strain bedecked in fiery red hairs and dripping with terpenic juiciness, traits willingly passed along to L.A. Fire marijuana seeds. 

L.A. Fire Strain Terpene Profile

Strain hunters love L.A. Fire aromas of sweet and earthy kush and sticky fruit. Smoking will deliver the same flavours, laced with bright bursts of chemical citrus and fresh lemon zest that fade into notes of skunky herbs and pine. 

Rich and fruity, L.A. Fire dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, exhibiting mildly spiced earth and that intriguingly kushy dankness drizzled in resinous fruit and dark berries. Buzzy limonene provides jolts of citrus brightness, and linalool is full of savoury floral relaxation. 

L.A. Fire Strain Effects 

Pheno Finder Seeds L.A. Fire weed is a gleaming example of that classic indica high. Immediately strong, she packs a powerful kick that leaves the head floating for a moment. Body effects begin soon after, weighing upon you like a soothing blanket. With almost no sativa characteristics to provide any boost, there will no escaping the inevitable heavy indica couch-lock effect, so find a comfortable spot and settle in for a session of relaxation.

Like most hefty strains, there is little discernable CBD, but L.A. Fire THC levels can reach 20%, and her unique blend of terpenes and cannabinoids could catch novice users off guard. Be sure to be at home before lighting up, as this cannabis strain is practically designed for end-of-the-day relaxation.

L.A. Fire Strain Medical Benefits

L.A. Fire medical seeds are cherished for their production of impressive medicinal cannabis. Loaded with myrcene and caryophyllene, expect full-body pain relief almost instantly. The heavy-handed potency will weigh upon your mind, melting away stress and calming anxieties before combating insomnia as your lids grow heavy.

With a respectable THC level and its mighty terpene ratios, L.A. Fire female seeds are rich in entourage effects. Like its parent strains, it can increase appetite and soothe chronic pains.

How to Grow L.A. Fire Strain 

Growing L.A. Fire cannabis seeds is a relatively easy endeavour. Like most indica strains, she grows compact and branchy. Members of its family line are prone to mould, and its dense structure will benefit from some light stress training to open the plants for better ventilation. 

L.A. Fire yields are moderate, but with its compact and branchy nature, growers can utilize SOG or SCROG setups to boost production numbers. L.A. Fire flowering time is a speedy nine weeks from germination, with flower sites producing dense, rock-hard buds covered in orange hairs. Heavy resin production will leave nugs glistening beneath a frosty icing of sweet citrus, sticky fruit, and earthy kush.