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Grapefruit x NYC Diesel

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Another smash hit from the Pheno Finder seed bank Grapefruit Diesel is a balanced hybrid citrus cannabis bomb that leans sativa in effects and indica in appearance. Known for their pleasant strength and sticky aromatics of citrus and fuel, Grapefruit Diesel feminized seeds perfectly highlight the fast flowering and delicious qualities of the cup winners that came before it.

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Grapefruit Diesel Strain Genetics 

Pheno Finder Seeds Grapefruit Diesel marijuana seeds are born from the delicious pairing of the Grapefruit strain and Soma Seeds’ NYC Diesel. Grapefruit is a fruity sativa strain known for providing feels of uplifting happiness. NYC Diesel, a classic powerhouse sativa hybrid strain, delivers its gassy citrus aromas alongside powerful and balanced head and body effects.

Grapefruit Diesel lineage features Sour Diesel and indigenous landrace Mexican and Afghani strains through its NYC Diesel parentage. Mexican strains tend to be tropical and citrus-leaning sativas, while Afghani strains are potent indicas, warm with kush and sweet earth. Additionally, Grapefruit is a son of the Cinderella 99 strain, spawning from the world-famous Jack Herer.

Grapefruit Diesel Strain Terpene Profile

Combining the potent fragrances of its parents, Grapefruit Diesel aromas are known to be heavy on sweet and tangy tropical fruit. As flowers grow into buds, expect room-filling scents of ripe red grapefruit and sticky fuel undertones. Smoke flavours showcase chemical citrus and diesel, alongside notes of rich grapefruit and tropical fruit. Discreet growers should use filters to keep the scent levels safe.

Like its parents, Grapefruit Diesel dominant terpene is the deliciously fruity myrcene, delivering the grapefruit dankness and intoxicating ripe fruit aromas. Hints of limonene and pinene shine with aromas of chemical skunk and fuel, and that added burst of zesty citrus that blooms during flowering. 

Grapefruit Diesel Strain Effects 

As a balanced hybrid, Grapefruit Diesel feminised seeds deliver immediate cerebral effects, most notably mental clarity and rising happiness. Your energy levels will skyrocket at the beginning, but this fades after a bit, leaving behind a buzzy euphoria tempered with pleasant joy before the effects slide down into the body. 

Though Grapefruit Diesel THC levels rarely reach beyond 20% (most batches settle in at 17%), this cannabis strain’s cannabinoid payloads are plenty strong. After the initial mental surge, expect soothing body relief that begins at the face and drizzles down to your toes. This strain is excellent for a productive day off, giving you a gentle boost to finish up chores before a reward of blissful relaxation.

Grapefruit Diesel Strain Medical Benefits

Grapefruit Diesel medical seeds are popular with growers looking to reduce depression and stressful thoughts. Its cerebral blend of pinene and limonene delivers focused lucidity alongside an energy of euphoric positivity and happiness. 

After its initial mental boost, expect pleasant pain relief and relaxation. THC’s medical properties and the strain’s potent myrcene levels make it an excellent choice to combat chronic pains and inflammation.

How to Grow Grapefruit Diesel Strain

Growing Grapefruit Diesel cannabis seeds is a rewarding experience for growers of any experience level. Resistant to moulds, pests, and temperatures, these plants showcase stocky indica bushiness with sturdy branches throughout the structure. 

Indoor and outdoor Grapefruit Diesel yields are typically upwards of 450 grams per m2. Low-stress training will support the dense bud growth and help to promote additional flowering sites. 

Grapefruit Diesel flowering times are a speedy 9-10 weeks after germination. As buds begin to grow, enjoy beautiful lime green fan leaves and thick aromas of juicy grapefruit. Extra-dense nugs will become generously frosted with resinous trichomes, as gorgeous shades of pink and fiery red accentuate leaves and buds just before harvest time.