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L.A Confidential x Granddaddy Purple

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Pheno Finder Seeds Grandaddy Confidential feminized seeds are the next indica-heavy hybrid from the international seedbank. Blissfully relaxing, she delivers a haze of sweet fruit and earthy kush beneath dense nugs and luscious purple hues.

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Grandaddy Confidential Strain Genetics 

Grandaddy Confidential lineage is a tantalizing union between the classic indica strains L.A. Confidential from California’s DNA Genetics and Ken Este’s Granddaddy Purple (also known as Grand Daddy Purple and Grandaddy Purps). Granddaddy Confidential takes on the beautiful colourations, intense effects, and delicious aromas of both of its parents. 

Grandaddy Confidential marijuana seeds pack the potent punch of its cannabis genetics. Grandaddy Purple showcases the distinct purple colours and fruit flavours of its Purple Urkle parentage. Meanwhile, L.A. Confidential — a resinous beast born of a pristine OG LA Affie clone and a pure male Afghan plant — is known for its intoxicatingly rich aromas and potent medical power.

Grandaddy Confidential Strain Terpene Profile

Grandaddy Confidential aroma is exotic and alluring, dripping with berry sweetness and a hashy earthiness that highlights the spicy warmth of its Afghan heritage. Smoking will reveal dank notes of skunk and an almost chemical pine that clings to each plume of vapour. 

Led by the aromas of sticky fruit and herbaceous kush, Grandaddy Confidential dominant terpenes are an intoxicating blend of fruity myrcene and sweet and spicy caryophyllene. Dishing out tantalizing hints of flavour are pinene and humulene, known for their aromas of fresh pine and warm, earthy herbs, respectively.

Grandaddy Confidential Strain Effects 

A potent indica hybrid with few sativa characteristics, Pheno Finder’s Grandaddy Confidential female seeds are perfect for growers looking for a heavy, full-body effect with the bonus of an almost euphoric mental buzz at the beginning of each session. Granddaddy Confidential THC levels top around a respectable 20%. Alongside the potent indica genetics of L.A. Confidential x Grandaddy Purple, hefty levels of myrcene and caryophyllene all but guarantee a real couch lock effect. 

Grandaddy Confidential is a lovely strain for the end of your day. Indulge for body and mind relaxation and stress relief, and enjoy the rush of uplifted happiness that arrives to start your sesh off right.

Grandaddy Confidential Strain Medical Benefits

Growers love Grandaddy Confidential medical seeds for their impressive therapeutic effects. A respectable THC level combines well with the abundance of analgesic terpenes. Pain relief is abundant across the entire body, relieving cramps, aches, and muscle spasms despite almost non-existent CBD supplies.

Mentally, expect stress and depression to melt beneath the clouds of funky fruit and skunky hash. Mood elation will arrive shortly after the first hit, brought about by the lively pinene. The strain’s heavy indica leanings all but eliminate any paranoia and uncomfortable mental energy, delivering a boost to appetite and combating insomnia.

How to Grow Grandaddy Confidential Strain 

Growing Grandaddy Confidential feminised cannabis seeds is easy and rewarding for indoor and outdoor growers. A compact photoperiod cannabis plant, GDC develops into a tight pine tree shape that can benefit from SOG set-ups. Granddaddy Confidential yields can reach upward of 500g per m2 indoors. Still, outdoor and more experienced growers can expect more, especially in greenhouses.

Growers can expect Grandaddy Confidential flowering times to be anywhere from 10-13 weeks from germination. As dense buds emerge, the room will fill with its rich aromas of fruity kush. Gorgeous hues of purples and blues will creep across the plant as harvest approaches, and its abundant trichomes will soon coat each hard nug with a frosty sheen of resin.