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Blue Cheese x UK Bluez

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Brimming with fermented funk and euphoric cerebral hit that’ll knock your socks off, Pheno Finder seeds Fromage Blue is a sour scented, easy-growing skunk hybrid that makes being dangerously cheesy look easy peasy

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Fromage Blue Genetic Profile

Smile and say cheese because this smelly skunk strain from the Pheno Finder Seedbank demands documenting. Fromage Blue lineage blends two top counter strains into a single stinky contender with a sweet and savoury flavour and a muscle-melting psychoactive sting. A combination of a classic Blue Cheese male and UK Bluez – a Skunk #1 sourced Cheese from the UK – this aromatic plant has one of the most powerful aromas around, a tangy taste to back it up, and plenty of welcome growth benefits for the discerning gardener. 

Highly pest resistant and adapting rapidly to most environments, although Fromage Blue marijuana seeds aren’t available in an autoflowering variety, they’re now available from MGS as feminized photoperiod seeds, marking the perfect opportunity for home growers to see precisely what this savoury superstar has to offer. 

Fromage Blue Strain Terpene Profile

Cheese strains are unusual owing to their strange and slightly fermented bouquet, which evokes the stinky smell of mature cheddar or a rich and creamy Roquefort. Fromage Blue aroma combines an intensely sweet caramelised scent with the typical sour skunk smell, while its Blueberry heritage provides a pleasant fruity finish on the exhale. As any fine diner can attest, cheese and fruit make the perfect pairing, and this final fragrant quality really kicks in the flavour department. 

When acrid and fermented flavours are found in a cannabis strain, they’re frequently attributed to myrcene. Humulene, caryophyllene, and limonene can also be found among Fromage Blue abundant terpenes, creating an unusual and aromatic bouquet that also helps the plant repel insect invaders. Not exactly discreet, growers may require odour eliminators or carbon filtration to cope with this during the end of Fromage Blue´s flowering period.

Fromage Blue Strain Effects

Fromage Blue effects are multipurpose with both indica and sativa-typical qualities that make it a suitable choice for day or night time consumption. Kicking off with an eye-opening euphoric kick to get you motivated and moving, its psychoactive impact begins on a cerebral tangent before moving quickly into the physical realm. Let your worries melt away, and tensions crumble as its relaxing indica effects ooze through your system, promoting positivity and a calming, contented mindset.

The Pheno Finder Seeds Collective haven’t revealed Fromage Blue THC level, but Cheese strains usually have a psychoactive impact that’s just as strong as their smell. Both its parents boast a low CBD content and a THC content of around 18%, and therefore, users should consume this high THC/low CBD strain with due caution. Great for sharing or as a solo post-dinner course, though this cheesy pheno won’t give you nightmares if consumed before bed, its sedative kick might still lead to a dreamy but dairy-free slumber.

Fromage Blue Strain Medical Benefits

The versatility of Fromage Blue medical benefits just goes to show how much hybridized strains have to offer over their genetically pure counterparts. Its energy and mood-lifting sativa side is sure to come in handy for those with disorders like depression, as this UK Bluez x Blue Cheese botanical’s serotonin-boosting action can offer an effective and immediate remedy for the daily blues.

If you’re susceptible to migraines, repairing from a recent injury, or suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, then the analgesic qualities of Fromage Blue medical seeds will definitely be of interest as well. THC, caryophyllene, and humulene are all known to provide effective pain relief, particularly when combined in high concentrations, making this potent pain-reliever more than just a reeking recreation treat.

How to Grow Fromage Blue Strain

Growing Fromage Blue marijuana seeds is a smooth and satisfying journey from start to finish. Its stinky smell makes it highly resistant to pests and diseases and ideal for outdoor growth, while its stocky, skunk-style growth pattern adapts readily to indoor crop-boosting techniques like SCROG or lollipopping. Fromage Blue (available in feminised seeds) flowering time is a little longer than average at 10-12 weeks from germination, and you’d better be well prepared for this pungent period of the growth cycle because carbon filters will be required if growing these cannabis seeds inside or in a greenhouse.

Producing dank, bushy cannabis plants and plenty of round and resinous buds with vibrant orange hairs, these female seeds are great for commercial or home growth, and whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you won’t be cheesed off with the end results. With heavy harvests of up to 500g per m/2 indoors or 600g per plant outside, Fromage Blue yields are superior quality more than make up for its slow maturation time, because like any good cheese, it’s the ageing process that counts most.