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A tart twist on the traditional GSC strain, Do z Dos from Pheno Finder is a feminised indica/sativa hybrid that slaps a little sour into the sweet and sugary flavours of Dosidos while adding a cushy kush kick for good measure. 

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Do z Dos Strain Genetic Profile

The Pheno Finder Seed bank’s latest mad science experiment has yielded yet another mouth-puckering top-shelf marijuana strain to subvert your expectations. Girl Scout Cookies strains are often prized for their sweet flavours, but this revolutionary revamp takes things to the sour side of town. Do z Dos lineage combines Sour Dosidos – an astringent blend of a Dosidos (Northcal cut) and Sour Dubble – with Z3 – a Terp Hogz crossbreed of their original Zkittlez female and a 3x backcrossed Hindu Kush plant – resulting in a marvellous multicoloured pheno with a punchy sour fruit flavour.

Armed with indica-dominant genetics that brings about an intensely relaxing psychoactive experience and stocky, vigorous growth, though this strain isn’t available as regular seeds or in an autoflowering format, Do z Dos marijuana seeds are now available from MGS in feminized photoperiod seeds, making cultivation as easy as doing your ABCs. Great for experts and beginners alike, this pheno is a sure keeper that makes a perfect and highly pungent way to begin your new marijuana growing avocation.

Do z Dos Strain Terpene Profile

The original Dosidos strain blends a slightly floral funkiness with iconic OG flavours of earth and sweet citrus, while Zkittlez is highly prized for its sugary taste, Do z Dos flavour fares more towards a classic sour profile, but with strong Kush flavours joining the sour undertones and herbal flavours. There’s also a touch of the sweet taste of Zkittlez discernible on the exhale, giving smokers the best of both worlds. 

This medley of acidic and OG Kush flavours comes as a result of Do z Dos dominant terpenes. The limonene content of this strain is especially high but caryophyllene – a notorious kush terpene – alpha-pinene, and myrcene – whose sour undertones are more commonly associated with skunk plants – also make an appearance within its chemical profile.

Do z Dos Strain Effects

Like its parents, Do z Dos effects are medical grade and physically focused, providing full-bodied relaxation and potent pain relief. Enjoy a dopey cerebral buzz, to begin with, but this will soon dissipate down into the body, loosening muscles and tension, increasing hunger and happiness, and eventually leading to similar sedentary wipeout as its Face-Off OG relative.

As a high THC/low CBD strain with an especially pronounced indica impact, this strain is suitable for sharing with friends but shouldn’t be overused during the day owing to its high propensity to cause couchlock. Do z Dos THC content averages at around 20% and should be treated with the same respect one might give any strong intoxicant.

Do z Dos Strain Medical Benefits

Zkittlez and Dosidos are both dispensary favourites on the West Coast, and Do z Dos medical benefits are comparable in both effectiveness and ability. Its paralyzing sedative effects are prime for patients with sleep disorders like insomnia, so if you’re looking to grab some Z’s without heading down the pharmaceutical route, this might just be the indica pheno for you. 

THC is known to bind with CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which can cause a variety of physiological effects, including promoting overeating and weight gain. Known as ‘the munchies’, this phenomenon is caused by increased levels of ghrelin – the hunger hormone – and as such, marijuana grown from Do z Dos medical seeds can be used as an excellent appetite stimulant.

How to Grow Do z Dos Strain

Whether you favour a custom indoor grow space where you can closely monitor your plants or hands-off outdoor cultivation, this Sour Dosidos x Z3 strain is more than up for the job. Growing Do z Dos cannabis seeds inside won’t require too much space as these feminised seeds produce short and bushy plants with medium stretch. However, they can quickly become overburdened, so make sure to trellis and stake for added support. Under normal conditions, Do z Dos yields are moderate but can be boosted with a SOG setup, training techniques like FIM, or by altering your light spectrum.

Boasting even better bag appeal than its parent, growers will delight over this plant’s mottled colouration, which combines luxurious lime green, pink, and deep purple shades. These violet hues are caused by pigment molecules called anthocyanins, which are dependent on a plant’s PH level, and can be brought about by decreasing temperatures late in the growth cycle. As Do z Dos flowering time is only nine weeks from germination, growers seeking the purplest, most potent weed possible should plan accordingly for this extra step.