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Chem. ’91 x Deadhead OG

by Pheno Finder Seeds

A Diesel-heavy cannabis strain coming from Pheno Finder Seeds and going straight onto your wishlist, Chemhead OG is an indica-dominant, hybrid Cannabis Cup winning strain with a mix of Chem and fresh forest flavours that are sure to tantalise the tastebuds!

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Chemhead OG Strain Genetics

Pheno Finder Seeds Chemhead OG female seeds come from a rich lineage of cannabis cup winners. On one side of the family tree, you have Chem 91 (A Chemdawg pheno, shrouded in the same mystery as other Chem strains, thought to be related to an indica Thai landrace, but that’s all anyone knows for sure!). In contrast, the other side is represented by Deadhead OG (Chemdog 91 x SFV OG Kush). For those keeping count, that’s a double Chem 91 influence, combined with the classic tones of the San Fernando Valley for that Cali goodness.

Expect a high THC content, a cacophony of beautiful flavours, and a cerebral, uplifting buzz which have all been inherited from the storied and much-respected seed bank favourite parent strains.

Chemhead OG Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Chemhead OG provides that intriguing mix of flavours and aromas that give this Chem 91 x Deadhead OG strain its unique personality. On the inhale, it’s all Diesel, caryophyllene gives a strong overtone of rich, spicy petrol flavours that are handed down from the dominant Chem strains in the heritage of this hybrid.

However, on the way out, things are more subtle. The exhale is tinged with tones of citrus (coming from limonene) and pine (due to pinene), while the aroma blends herbal Skunk and OG Kush tones (myrcene) and floral notes (linalool), which all come together to create an original and exciting taste and scent profile.

Chemhead OG Strain Effects

While the Deadhead stone from this cannabis strain is heavy, it’s also cerebral, offering a hard-hitting and fast-acting high that even veterans are suggested to handle with care due to the high THC level (up to over 20%). If you do, the effects are blissful, stimulating the body while relaxing the mind.

This is a marijuana strain designed to end the day, twinned best with lazy hobbies like video games or watching a movie. The head high can be conducive to talkative and giggly moods, so if you want to kick back and engage in the above activities with company, then this is the right strain to help you!

Chemhead OG Strain Medical Benefits

The combination of THC and caryophyllene is thought to bind to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, and for this reason, strains like Chemhead OG that are high in that cannabinoid and terpene combination are said to aid in the relief of pain, especially when related to chronic pain conditions like migraines.

Additionally, this cannabis strain is said to have medicinal marijuana potential when it comes to the alleviation of stress symptoms, whether short-term stress due to a rough day or longer-term issues related to anxiety or other conditions. The terpenes at play (especially pinene and limonene) have long been used in traditional medicine to reduce stress symptoms.

How to Grow Chemhead OG Strain Seeds

Short, stocky, bushy plants with a medium stretch from the branches means indoor growers will need to engage in occasional bouts of pruning to keep these cannabis plants at bay. Growing these feminised seeds (regular seeds and autoflowering seeds not currently offered) indoors is pretty straightforward apart from that, with both SOG and SCROG growing methods working well and respectable yields expected in a flowering time of as little as nine weeks from germination.

Outdoor growers should see even higher yields, although a little more waiting is necessary, of course, with a harvest time of somewhere around early October. The dense, dank, pinecone shaped buds will appear coated in orange pistils and resinous trichomes, with a delicious scent making it clear why these cannabis seeds picked up 3rd Place Coffeeshop Flower honours at the High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam in 2018.