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Darkstar x Blackberry Kush

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Turn and face the strange with Blackstar from Pheno Finder Seeds – a platinum-certified Kush combination from the Pheno Finder Seedbank that even the Picasso of Pop would be proud of.

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Blackstar Genetic Profile

Like David Bowie’s final album of the same name, this alluring and award-winning Kush mix from Pheno Finder Seeds garnered critical acclaim upon release, picking up third place in the grower category ICMag 420 Cup in Amsterdam. Born from Darkstar – a potent Purple Kush and a cannabis cup winning Mazar-i-Sharif cross from TH Seeds – and Blackberry Kush, Blackstar lineage benefits from its strong Afghani landrace roots, lending it exciting colours and a short compact indica growth structure, but also Skunk genres, which have improved its overall taste and smell. 

Now anyone can take a crack at cultivating this dark and mysterious high THC/low CBD marijuana strain at home with these easy to germinate, feminized seeds from MGS. For an avant-garde phenotype that’s positively hunky-dory, try Blackstar marijuana seeds and become your very own cannabis growing superstar.

Blackstar Strain Terpene Profile

The intense fruity taste of Blackberry Kush plays a defining role in Blackstar flavour. Dominant notes of berry and forest fruits are met with a peppery tang, diesel accents and a hit of hashish on the exhale. However, thanks to DNA passed down from Skunk #1, there’s also a herbal citrus balance to the plant’s taste and smell, giving the consumer an entire orchestra of complementary cannabis flavours to enjoy.

Blackstar abundant terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. This classic cannabis terpene combination is a common feature in Kush varieties, providing not only their spicy fuel flavours but the heavy-handed sedative and painkilling potential that’s possessed by this particular strain type. 

Blackstar Strain Effects

Blackstar effects won’t leave you lost in space like Major Tom as this indica dominant strain performs its best work on the body. Though users will experience an initial rush of sativa-like cerebral energy, this quickly ch-ch-ch-changes into an almost exclusively physical experience as the mind clouds and muscles begin to loosen. You won’t feel under pressure while under the influence of this stress-busting strain, so just sit back, relax and slip into a Moonage Daydream.

Blackstar THC level has yet to be tested under lab conditions, but its Blackberry Kush parent has a THC content of upwards of 16%. As a THC dominant strain with potent couch locking potential, we recommend saving this strain for a relaxing evening at home, preferably paired with its eponymous album blasted at full volume!

Blackstar Strain Medical Benefits

In his earlier years, Bowie reputedly thrived on just a couple of hours of sleep a night, but the rockstar way of life isn’t for everyone. If you’re struggling to drift off to dreamland or suffer from disorders like insomnia, Blackstar medical benefits may come in handy, as this indica strain’s sedative kick can help sleep-deprived patients get the good night’s rest they truly deserve.

Blackstar medical cannabis seeds can also help those coping with daily physical discomfort or recovering from serious injury. With this strain’s THC and caryophyllene-fuelled analgesic and inflammatory effects, even those with chronic conditions fibromyalgia can get a raincheck on pain without resorting to prescription drugs.

How to Grow Blackstar Strain

Growing Blackstar marijuana seeds is an excellent way for beginners to learn from their mistakes with a feminized plant that can handle stress and abuse pretty well. Thanks to heirloom DNA passed down from its Hindu Kush relations, this quick-to-flower pheno is incredibly compact, stocky, and ideal for indoor growth. Its high calyx/leaf ratio and strong lateral branching make it an excellent candidate for low-stress training techniques or SCROG cultivation, and while these are great options for increasing Blackstar yields, organic cultivators can also expect great results if growing naturally in the great outdoors.

In contrast to the Thin White Duke’s pasty complexion, during the end of Blackstar flowering time, which is around eight-nine weeks from germination, this alluring pheno develops purplish shades so deep that its rocky buds appear wreathed in shadow. These are colours caused by anthocyanins and activated by exposure to colder temperatures, so consider dropping the heat a little at the end of flowering to boost these black hues to the fullest. A showstopper and no mistake, why not begin your fantastic voyage today and bring a little gothic charm to your garden with Blackstar marijuana seeds?