Buy Wilson! Zero strain seeds

Banana OG x Papaya #3

by Oni Seed co

Much more than just the flavour of the week, Wilson! Zero from Oni Seeds Co is cannabis strain legend-in-the-making, with an intense orange banana and peach flavour and potent indica effects to satisfy even the most selective of cannabis consumers.

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Wilson! Zero Strain Genetics

On their continued quest for sensory perfection, the Oni Seeds Co have selected three well-established flavour bombs and blended their DNA to produce these impressively potent cannabis seeds

Using in-house genetics, Banana OG and Papaya #3 lead the charge, bringing their aromatic intensity and an orchard of fruity flavours to set your tastebuds ablaze.

These two indica dominant tastemakers are joined by Tropicanna Cookies F1, the Oni Seed co´s own super strain, which provides its trademark citrus tang while bumping Wilson! Zero’s resin content to dizzying heights.

Wilson! Zero Strain Terpene Profile

The Oni Seed Co specializes in breeding cannabis seeds with pronounced terpene profiles and Wilson! Zero might be their most flavoursome creation to date.

Limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene work together to create a totally tropical taste peppered with earthy accents and spicy Kush undertones on the exhale.

Descended from three super strains, each prized for its fruity aesthetic, Wilson! Zero takes a little from each of its parent plants, resulting in a refreshing fruit salad of orange banana and peach flavours.

A peppery aftertaste lingers as a reminder of its OG Kush heritage, adding a touch of class to this unusual cannabis strain.

Wilson! Zero Strain Effects

Strong Kush genetics passed down through Banana OG and modified by Papaya’s powerful DNA have given Wilson! Zero regular cannabis seeds a virulent indica impact that can easily leave novice users in a near-comatose state.

This numbing full-bodied high is quickly followed by intense hunger that’ll have you clambering for the kitchen cupboard and an overpowering sense of sleepiness.

Due to these creeping tranquillising effects, Wilson! Zero should be reserved for nighttime use or when your schedule’s looking especially empty.

Newcomers to the world of cannabis are also advised to give these superpowered cannabis seeds a miss.  

Wilson! Zero Strain Medical Benefits

Kush strains are famed for their therapeutic benefits and this medicinal marvel from the Oni Seeds company doesn’t fall far from the tree. These medical seeds are packed with powerful compounds like caryophyllene and limonene, which can have an intense healing effect on the mind and body.

The former is a potent painkiller and the latter great for stress relief, but it’s myrcene terpenes that make this cannabis strain especially effective for medical marijuana users. Its sedative influence is perfect for treating insomnia, while patients with eating disorders may find Wilson! Zero useful as an appetite stimulant.

How to Grow Wilson! Zero Seeds

Available in regular seeds only, this wonderful indica-dominant seed type with a relatively fast flowering time is ideal for those with some experience in cannabis cultivation.

Thanks to traits inherited from Tropicanna Cookies F1, Wilson! Zero regular seeds by Oni Seed Co are medium to high yielding, with a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

Featuring indica-typical characteristics, cultivators can expect stocky, robust plants that follow a similar growth pattern to Banana OG.

Currently available as regular cannabis seeds only, there are two common phenotypes with this seed type – a pinkish purple variety with spicy cookies aroma and a brighter green version that packs in all the fruit flavour.

Both come coated in crystals, making them ideal for hash making and extraction artists, and are suitable for either indoor or outdoor cannabis cultivation.