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by Oni Seed co

A high THC level, a sativa-leaning hybrid from the Oni Seed Co seed bank, White Grapefruit Cookies is a sweet and fruity dream for connoisseurs, accented by rich, pungent, skunky aromas.

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White Grapefruit Cookies Strain Genetics

The genetics of these White Grapefruit Cookies cannabis seeds see a combining of two vastly different strains. On one side, there’s Lemon Betty (Lemon Skunk x Black Betty), known for its blend of lemons and berries on the exhale and an aroma of rich spices.

On the other side, you have Tropicanna Cookies (or Tropicana Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie), which brings that baker fresh GSC flavour with a festive vibe on the inhale thanks to a mix of cinnamon and orange tones. Handed down from both parents are easy growing traits, big yields, and a high THC content, quite the inheritance!

White Grapefruit Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant flavours of this White Grapefruit Cookies marijuana strain are, as you may have expected, the tanginess of grapefruit and the sweetness of cookies. This combination, which is primarily apparent on the inhale, comes from a blend of two common terpenes, the spicy caryophyllene and the fruity limonene. That is just the beginning of this rich terpene profile, however.

Other abundant terps include myrcene (earthy, OG Kush, and Skunk aroma on exhale), humulene (hoppy tingle on the lips), and pinene (fresh, pine-like flavours), which each play a part in the unique and moreish tastes that caress the senses even after exhale!

White Grapefruit Cookies Strain Effects

The effects of this high THC level, Lemon Betty x Tropicanna Cookies F1 strain (up to 25%), are less sedating than you’d expect from something so potent. Instead, expect a fast-acting, strong yet gentle kick that is full of creativity and focus for the mind while providing an intense sense of relaxation for the body.

While this euphoric and uplifting high might fill your brain with artistic concepts and genius suggestions for how to change the world, your body will be slow in responding. Basically, it’s the perfect strain for coming up with ideas, but not necessarily the right one for acting on them!

White Grapefruit Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

The potential medical marijuana properties of this hybrid cannabis strain are many-fold and including support for symptoms of mild arthritis. The possible reduction of pain and stiffness in the joints could even help with increased mobility in limbs affected by arthritis,

The possible benefit for arthritis is due to the cannabinoids and terpenes in these potential medical seeds working with the body, something that may also support the reduction of chronic fatigue, supporting mood and energy, and supporting a calm and deep sleep at night.

How to Grow White Grapefruit Cookies Strain Seeds

These White Grapefruit Cookies marijuana seeds are a bit of a mystery, as they can produce two different phenotypes. One is tall and long, while the other stays short and compact. This is due to the only slight sativa lean of the genetics. The aromas can change too, sometimes being citrus lemon dominant, other times having more robust berry flavours.

What is consistent is how easy these regular cannabis seeds (autoflowering and feminized seeds not yet available) are to grow and the lack of intersex traits they show. Indoor growers will see high yields from SOG and SCROG methods (up to 600 gr/m2). The indoor flowering time is around ten weeks from germination, while outdoor growers in hot climates can expect a yield around the end of October from this grapefruit cannabis. The buds, which should have a deep purple colour under a coat of resin, tend to pack on the eight towards the end of the growing period, so don’t be concerned if they look light early, you will not be disappointed come harvest time!