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Strawberry Diesel Cookies x Tropaya

by Oni Seed co

Strawpaya cannabis seeds are an indica-dominant hybrid offering from the breeders at Oni Seed Co that provide big flavours, aromas, and even bigger yields! Expect to be surprised in the best way by this fabulous fruity beauty.

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Strawpaya Strain Genetics

Strawpaya blends the best of two high-quality cannabis seeds, both of which are also Oni Seeds creations. The gassy, sweet, and pungent notes of Strawberry Diesel Cookies are expanded and evolved by the peppery, citrus fruit goodness of Tropaya.

These stunning hybrid strains share Tropicana Cookies as a parent, with Strawberry Diesel Cookies blending the legend with (you guessed it) Strawberry Diesel while Tropaya mixes it with Papaya. The result is an explosive flavour profile and compact plants filled with heavy, dense, and dank buds that lend themselves to indoor growth, even for those with limited space.

Strawpaya Strain Terpene Profile

While the sweet, strawberry and tangy citrus fruit flavours of lemon, orange, and grapefruit are apparent on both the inhale and exhale of this Strawpaya cannabis strain, there is an abundance of nuance thanks to a rich and detailed terpene profile. The additional flavours involve a peppery, gassy aftertaste reminiscent of the Diesel grandparent and a herbal, skunk-like tingle on the tongue on inhale.

The dominant terps here are limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, a combination likely to be familiar to fans of Cookies and OG Kush strains. The high levels of each terp, however, alongside a supporting cast that includes pinene, ensure there’s nothing predictable or overly familiar here.

Strawpaya Strain Effects

Despite a THC content that tips the scales anywhere between 15% and 20%, there is no couchlock to worry about here, the effects of Strawpaya are so uplifting it may be hard to keep your feet on the floor! There’s a lovely process to the buzz here, starting with a full-body relaxation and culminating with a powerful euphoric head high.

Expect giggle fits galore, a perfect early evening strain to get you out of work mode and into the exact vibe you need for the perfect wind-down after a busy or stressful day.

Strawpaya Strain Medical Benefits

With such a joyful high, it’s no surprise that many Strawpaya fans claim that the strain does a great job of lessening feelings of stress. Whether related to an anxiety disorder or simply a result of a difficult day, that heavy feeling may well drift gradually away as the effects of the terps and cannabinoids take root.

Additionally, the potential medical marijuana genetics could also aid in reducing pain symptoms, mainly thanks to the THC and high caryophyllene levels at play. Pain in the joints and muscles and headaches and migraines may be reduced if not alleviated in its severity.

How to Grow Strawpaya Strain Seeds

The characteristics of these regular cannabis seeds favour indoor growers, with most phenotypes growing short, squat, and compact while still yielding large amounts from a central cola that is likely to be brimming with purple-hued buds. Indoor growers can expect a full and impressive harvest in as little as eight weeks from germination, while a heavy outdoor yield should be ready by early October.

Large buds with strong, fruity aromas and huge, solventless hash yields can be expected here, making these Strawpaya regular seeds perfect for a wide range of growers!