Buy Strawberry Diesel Cookies strain seeds

Tropicanna Cookies F1 x Strawberry Diesel

by Oni Seed co

Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana seeds developed by the creative minds over at the Oni seeds company, Strawberry Diesel Cookies seeds is a tropical fruit smothered delight.

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Strawberry Diesel Cookies Strain Genetics

These cannabis seeds were created by blending the Oni Seeds cult classic Tropicanna Cookies F1 with a particularly pungent phenotype of the fruity, petrol scented classic that is Strawberry Diesel, a bonafide favourite at our seeds bank. 

The expected exotic taste explosion occurs as a result of this strain’s DNA genetics. But, this cannabis strain gains more than that from its parents. Sturdy plants and dense buds coated in crystals are also passed down in the heritage.

The buzz from this potential medical marijuana strain is reminiscent of both parents but has its own identity too.

Strawberry Diesel Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of this cannabis strain is a tribute to its marijuana genetics. Combining robust and gassy petrol tones from the diesel strains in its family tree, and fruity masterpieces from the cookies strains.

It is the sweet and fruity scents and flavours that dominate here, primarily due to the presence of the citrus terpene, limonene. This is thanks to the Strawberry edge to Strawberry Diesel combined with Tropicanna Cookies’ tropical loveliness. That isn’t to say the diesel tones are an afterthought here because they are very present, especially on the exhale.

The presence of caryophyllene provides that sour, spicy tingle that really brings the tongue to life.

Strawberry Diesel Cookies Strain Effects

Like the super-strains it is related to, this Oni Seed Co hybrid cannabis strain provides an uplifting, euphoric buzz that is as long-lasting as it is fast-acting. Expect a quick blow of happiness to take over your brain and linger there for a pleasingly long time, making even the most mundane of tasks feel genuinely enjoyable.

An ideal afternoon choice, this Oni Seed co Cookies strain can liven up a conversation in no time. Producing a giggly, talkative effect as well as an uplifting full-body buzz that helps your limbs to truly loosen but without that jellified effect that can often make movement something of a challenge.

Strawberry Diesel Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

Strawberry Diesel Cookies seeds have the potential to create a mood-altering cannabis strain in the best way possible giving this strain plenty of potential for use as medical marijuana, especially when it comes to the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Limonene combines with the medium-high THC content (between 15% and 20%) to provide a calming, yet uplifting sensation that can reduce symptoms of these conditions.

This combination of cheering one up while also calming one down also gives this Oni Seeds strain potential as medical seeds for those living with insomnia. Aiding in getting to sleep, staying asleep, and potentially creating pleasant and creative dreamscapes too.

How to Grow Strawberry Diesel Cookies Strain Seeds

Available as regular seeds only, the Strawberry Diesel Cookies cannabis strain is an easy to grow, super sweet sensation that will tantalise the taste buds of even the hardiest cannabis connoisseurs.

As a sativa-dominant strain, these easy to grow cannabis seeds can produce tall and leafy plants. As a result, the odd snip and trim wouldn’t go amiss during the growing period. Aside from that, however, Strawberry Diesel Cookies seeds are relatively easy to cultivate and offer a fast flowering time, ready for harvest in as little as nine weeks when grown in an indoor environment.

Outdoor cannabis cultivation is possible, but these Strawberry Diesel Cookies regular cannabis seeds are not too keen on being overwatered.

Outside of mild, dry climates, greenhouse growing is advised. When these cannabis seeds are fully grown, a decent yield of crystal-coated buds will be your reward.

Expect a pungent, fruity, yet sour scent that tempts the nasal passages.