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Sour Dubb x Banana OG

by Oni Seed co

From the expert breeders at the Oni Seed Co, Sour Banana Dubb is an impressively easy to grow, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. With a rapid flowering time, this sweet yet sour cultivar (available as feminized seeds only) offers a head-spinningly high THC level that ensures a powerful and intense buzz, even for the most experienced cannabis aficionado. 

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Sour Banana Dubb Strain Genetics

Sour Banana Dubb is the delightful result of crossing Sour Dubb with Banana OG and seeds bank favourite Do-si-dos, providing a hearty mix of OG genetics in the background of this poly-hybrid marijuana strain. An additional touch of Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies further amplifies the genetics, providing Sour Banana Dubb with a truly unique flavour profile and explosive effects.

Taking the best of these legendary strains, Sour Banana Dubb boasts a truly impressive lineage that maintains the classic structure of OG hybrids, with adequately spaced nodes and flexible branches and a primary cola that rises majestically above the secondary branches.

Sour Banana Dubb Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Sour Banana Dubb cannabis seeds is still under development. However, the fruity, diesel scented flavours and aromas, along with the often studied parent strains of this hybrid strain, means we can make some safe assumptions regarding the dominant terpenes at play here.

The fruity flavours from the Kush strains in the lineage (especially Banana OG) are provided by the terpene limonene, while the presence of peppery terpene caryophyllene likely causes the spicy flavours reminiscent of diesel strains. It’s also likely that the herbal tingle on the exhale comes courtesy of classic terpene myrcene, famed in the cannabis world for its sedating effects.

Sour Banana Dubb Strain Effects

The call of the Kush strains is undoubtedly apparent in the effects of this high THC content hybridised cannabis strain. Sour Banana Dubb kicks like a fruity ninja, offering a kaleidoscope of cerebral effects with THC levels known to push towards 30%. 

While there is a definite energy boost in the early stages of the first effects, over time, this slowly dissipates and is replaced by a relaxed, cerebral high that makes Sour Banana Dubb a great accompaniment  for an evening of conversation and relaxation. 

Sour Banana Dubb Strain Medical Benefits

A high THC level coupled with the presence of several potentially therapeutic terpenes suggests that Sour Banana Dubb could be an effective source of medical marijuana. THC is known to effectively interact with the body’s Endocannabinoid System to provide possible relief for chronic pain symptoms, something that caryophyllene is also known to help with. 

Limonene is thought to provide anti-stress benefits, while myrcene may also act as a regulator, enhancing this potential, meaning there may be some benefit in using Sour Banana Dabb to reduce the symptoms of stress or anxiety-related issues.

How to Grow Sour Banana Dubb Strain Seeds

Sour Banana Dubb female seeds from Oni Seeds are considered easy to grow and offer a fast flowering time of just 9-10 weeks when grown indoors (rarely more than 11). As a predominantly indica strain, these cannabis seeds will grow into relatively small plants and shouldn’t require a considerable amount of pruning from growers.

A high yield of dense, resinous buds can be expected on the moderately spaced nodes from both indoor and outdoor growth, with many outdoor growers favouring a greenhouse to ensure these plants don’t get too moist in rainier climates. Outdoor growing should see a full and comprehensive harvest of beautiful, rock-hard smelling buds around late October.