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Papaya x Purple Punch

by Oni Seed co

Papaya Punch cannabis seeds are an intense, fruity offering available as regular seeds from the Oni Seed Co.

A relatively new name to the marijuana world, this indica-dominant hybrid is still shrouded in some mystery. However, a fascinating genetic background has created plenty of buzz regarding this top shelf, high THC level strain. 

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Papaya Punch Strain Genetics

As the name suggests, this hybrid strain is a cross between Papaya with Purple Punch, two indica-heavy strains that themselves benefit from immense genetics. This means Papaya Punch cannabis seeds have some highly respected grandparents, including two favourites at our seed bank, Granddaddy Purple (suitably) and Larry OG, as well as potent Mango strains from the Papaya strain lineage.

This combination creates stocky, sturdy, high yielding plants with a fast flowering time and a flavour and buzz that will excite even the most seasoned veteran of the cannabis world.

Papaya Punch Strain Terpene Profile

Research into the terpene profile of Papaya Punch is well underway, and the dominant terpenes present are apparent not only based on the indica strains it proudly calls parents, but also from the personality-filled scent and flavour profile.

The fruity dominance of this marijuana strain comes from the presence of the citrus terpene, limonene, while that tangy, fruit punch flavour is produced by throwing a hearty dose of peppery caryophyllene into the mix. This results in numerous fruity flavours, from papaya (obviously) to orange, grapefruit, and more.

There is also a fresh, forest scent apparent on the exhale, which is likely produced by pinene, creating the herby, piney undertone to the overall scent of glorious Papaya Punch.

Papaya Punch Strain Effects

Despite having a high THC level that averages over 20%, Papaya Punch does not produce a mind-numbing high. Instead, the predominantly indica effects of this hybrid strain are uplifting, energetic, and borderline euphoric, reminiscent of the Kush strains in its lineage.

While relaxation is guaranteed, it is joined by flowing creative juices that aid artistic enterprises, or energy-filled, long conversations interspersed with joyous giggling fits that can make an evening pass incredibly quickly. A good evening strain, Papaya Punch can also be used during the day to help fuel creative excursions.

Papaya Punch Strain Medical Benefits

The Purple Punch and Granddaddy Purple are popular medical marijuana choices (as is Larry OG, to be fair, and these Papaya Punch cannabis seeds share that potential. The high THC content, along with folk favourite limonene, gives the possibility for this hybrid strain to provide relief for the symptoms of depression, thanks to the uplifting and long-lasting effects.

Additionally, caryophyllene and pinene being in the mix may also provide medical cannabis abilities in the reduction of chronic pain symptoms, reducing pain in joints and muscles related to chronic pain conditions.

How to Grow Papaya Punch Strain Seeds

These indica-dominant regular cannabis seeds are relatively easy to grow for those with even a little practice. Indica dominant marijuana seeds are always popular with indoor growers thanks to the compact plant height of these types of cannabis strains. Papaya Punch boasts these same qualities, taking up limited space in your grow room during their fast flowering time of around nine weeks.

Outdoor growing is also possible with this Oni Seed Co marijuana strain, although greenhouses are recommended for growers outside of predominantly warm climates. Grown indoors or outside, this top shelf marijuana seed will produce a high yield of glistening, lime green, resinous buds that generate an impressively fruity odor.