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Strawberry Diesel Cookies x Biscotti

by Oni Seed co

Almost good enough to serve for dessert, Pannacotta is an indica-leaning, milk and cookies flavoured mashup from the Oni Seeds company meant only for those of the most refined palettes and the strongest psychoactive tolerance.

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Pannacotta Genetic Profile

Using strains like Wedding Cake, Sundae Driver, and the world-renowned Gelato as a benchmark, the Oni Seeds company have tested and tinkered with hundreds of cannabis combinations in their search for the ultimate Cookies pheno. Pannacotta marijuana seeds mark the culmination of their years-long search and, in addition to their promise of exquisite flavour, offer plenty of great growth benefits and psychoactive potential.

Cooked up via a combination of Strawberry Diesel Cookies and Biscotti genetics, Pannacotta lineage has been chosen with the utmost care, resulting in a high THC/low CBD hybrid that’s so much more than just a new flavour of the week.  

Designed for sweet-toothed cannabis lovers looking for next-level tastes and smells, Pannacotta offers a terrific terpenic experience that’s matched only by its deliciously indulgent indica-leaning effects. For dank and delectable weed that wouldn’t seem out of place on a dessert menu, try these regular seeds from MGS and give your tongue and tastebuds a well-deserved reward. 

Pannacotta Strain Terpene Profile

A little like the Italian dessert from which it gets its name, Pannacotta flavour profile is creamy and decadent with sweet vanilla flavours and hints of musky spice on the exhale. Its ice cream aroma is also bolstered by pungent diesel and citrus accents – a classic OG Kush influence – and notes of sweet strawberry inherited from its father plant.

This hybrid’s high-quality terpenic content is custom made for flavour hunters and, if you’re interested in experimenting with cannabis concentrates, you couldn’t ask for a tastier candidate. Like many Cookies strains, this plant’s inviting flavours can be attributed to a mix of several aromatic chemicals, including limonene and humulene. 

However, Pannacotta dominant terpene is beta-caryophyllene which, along with myrcene and subtler, more fragrant terps like linalool, accounts for its specific vanilla-tinged taste and delectable dessert appeal,

Pannacotta Strain Effects

Inheriting Biscotti’s indica-dominant influence and strong sativa genes passed down from its father’s side, Pannacotta effects offer a little something for everyone. The prime example of a hybrid strain’s versatility, prepare yourself for a long-lasting psychoactive journey that begins inside the head, punctuated by a boost of euphoric energy, creativity, and a smile-inducing, serotonin surge. 

Once the giggles subside, these cerebral effects will gradually shift to a more physical experience as a calming, muscle-melting sensation washes over, leaving users satisfied, a little sleepy, and feeling perfectly serene.

Pannacotta THC level can range from 15-21%. Its strength is highly dependent on the cultivation techniques used as many factors, including light and ph level, can affect a plant’s cannabinoid content. This strain also includes notable levels of CBN, which is known for its sleep-inducing effects and, therefore, users should avoid consuming this delectable Biscotti x Strawberry Cookies combo during daylight hours.

Pannacotta Strain Medical Benefits

As previously mentioned, CBN-rich strains are renowned for their sedative properties. These qualities become even more effective when this chemical is combined with high levels of THC and myrcene, which are also thought to trigger a sleep-inducing hormonal response. As such, weed-grown from Pannacotta medical seeds is highly suitable for cannabis users with insomnia or other circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders. 

Some say dessert is like happiness on a plate, but if you’re looking for happiness in plant form, then Pannacotta might be the panacea you’ve been looking for. The influence of THC and terpenes like limonene have given this strain an uplifting and mood-boosting effect on the mind. Its consumption causes the brain to release a flood of feel-good chemicals, giving the user a more carefree mindset and an instant rush of happiness. This makes Pannacotta medical benefits highly suitable for treating mood disorders like depression and PTSD. 

How to Grow Pannacotta Strain

Pannacotta may be an impressive-looking pudding, but it isn’t the most challenging or time-consuming treat to make. While it’s true that growing Pannacotta marijuana seeds require a slightly more patient approach, whipping up a successful batch of these pungent plants shouldn’t take too long or pose much of a problem for those with a little experience. 

Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, the strain’s indica heritage has lent it a short, squat structure that’s highly adaptable to SCROG, LST, and FIM techniques, which are all great options for those hoping to raise Pannacotta yields to their full potential. However, greenhouse growers should note that due to the strain’s pungent aroma, extra filtration may be required for a discreet grow. 

Pannacotta flowering time is around nine-ten weeks from germination, with some plants finishing even faster. This is a relatively quick turnaround for regular seeds, making this strain a suitable candidate for batch growing, super cropping, or commercial ventures. Expect stocky, reeking plants with chunky cannabis flowers, vivid colours, and thick crystal coverage. As this plant is on the stickier side, make sure to wear gloves when harvesting so that none of that ooey, gooey, THC-rich resin goes to waste.