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Tropicanna Cookies F1 x Bubba Kush S1

by Oni Seed co

The latest recruit to join the Oni Seed co’s exclusive regiment, Military Chocolate is a fully-armed, indica-leaning cannabis hybrid that packs some serious firepower!

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Military Chocolate Strain Genetics

It might be new on the scene, but this high-powered hybrid is certainly no rookie. Bred from one of the Oni Seed Co’s own battle-hardened super-strains and a veteran marijuana favourite, these regular seeds come suited, booted and ready for a herbal war!

Tropicanna Cookies F1, a top-shelf sativa-leaning Oni Seeds original that blends Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie DNA, has become this seeds company’s go-to base strain in recent years. While prized for its cerebral effects and citrus bite, these qualities take a backseat to the illustrious Bubba Kush S1, which dominates this super-strains genetic profile with an intense indica-like impact.

Military Chocolate Strain Terpene Profile

As their name suggests, these delicious seeds are for fans of rich and robust flavours. Bold aromas of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla carry through to the strain’s spicy taste where they’re met with notes of sweet hashish and an earthy Kush kick upon the exhale.

Caryophyllene is the primary terpene at work here, and this pungent aromatic can be found in many cannabis varieties.

Kush strains such as Military Chocolate possess particularly high levels of the compound, and when blended with limonene and humulene, this chemical combination results in a sumptuous flavour profile that’s a chocoholic’s dream. 

Military Chocolate Strain Effects

Bubba Kush is famed worldwide for its tranquillizing effects, and these potent indica-dominant genetics are its offspring’s secret weapon. Opening fire with a decimating physical assault, the strain’s long-lasting euphoric impact infiltrates the mind before gradually settling throughout the body, leaving users in a dreamy state of happiness and contentment.

Perfect for a little shore leave, Military Chocolate’s primary objective is stress relief, and you can bet it’s armed for the job. However, its full-frontal approach can easily lead to couchlock, so this cultivar is best reserved for cannabis veterans.

Military Chocolate Strain Medical Benefits

Military Chocolate regular cannabis seeds are fully-equipped to provide support to medical cannabis patients. Their pain-killing properties of these medicinal seeds are the result of high levels of caryophyllene and can help soothe chronic, deep-seated aches, and physical discomfort.

Kush strains are also known to be effective in helping to alleviate mental stress. Limonene terpenes are known to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, making the military-grade effects of these medical seeds ideal for reducing symptoms of anxiety.

How to Grow Military Chocolate Seeds

Much like the hybrid’s effects and flavour, the Bubba s1 side of this strain governs its growth. Perfect for those with a little cannabis cultivation experience, Military Chocolate regular seeds produce short, indica-typical plants with tight internal spacing and a distinctive, bulky bud structure.

These regular cannabis seeds may have a longer flowering time than average (around 10 weeks), but require little feeding, and patient growers will be delighted with the potent results delivered by Military Chocolate seeds.

Blooming in hues of army green and pale purple, much like its Bubba Kush parent, this seed type (available as regular seeds only) can be grown in almost any environment, while its pronounced terpene profile and boosted resin content – a byproduct of Tropicanna Cookies – make it an ideal choice for extraction experts.