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Giesel x Tropicanna Cookies F1

by Oni Seed co

Let your mind sail away to a paradise of tangy tropical flavours and heirloom-influenced cerebral effects with Island G marijuana seeds from the Oni Seed Co. This delectable sativa-dominant hybrid is now available in regular seeds from MGS. 

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Island G Strain Genetic Profile

The intrepid strain explorers at the Oni Seed bank set sail long ago in search of the world’s finest cannabis combinations, and their latest discovery is absolutely idyllic. Island G lineage was formed from Oni Seeds own heirloom Chemdawg cut, Giesel, and a purple, cookie dominant Tropicanna Cookies F1, and therefore features a treasure trove of famous cannabis strains – like Tangie, OG Kush, GSC, and Super Skunk – within its formidable family tree

This clash of cultivars has resulted in two common but decidedly different phenotypes – a shorter variety with purple colours, berry flavours and a faster finish and a supersized version with spiralling buds and a pungent chemical nose. This potent hybrid strain is ideal for phenohunters and hash makers, and while this sativa strain is not yet available as autoflowering or feminized seeds, growers can now begin their own island adventure at home with Island G regular marijuana seeds from MGS.

Island G Strain Terpene Profile

At first, Island G aroma will whisk you away to a tropical paradise of fruity kush, berry and grapefruit flavours but stick around, and soon a pungent chemical tang will take over your olfactory system, stinging the nose and tickling the throat. The product of the strain’s strong Chemdawg links, this crazy combination of mothballs, skunk, and citrus might sound unappealing, but it only takes a taste, and you’ll soon be booking a return trip.

The astringent flavours of Chemdawg and other fuelly cannabis cultivars are generally attributed to caryophyllene, terpinolene, and alpha-pinene terpenes, which also give turpentine its chemical smell. Island G abundant terpenes also include limonene and myrcene, which add a tropical element to its flavour, as these aromatic compounds are more commonly found in citrus peels and fruit rind. 

Island G Strain Effects

A delirious destination of pure bliss awaits those who decide to fully embrace the psychoactive side of Island G effects but, be warned — once you take a trip to its luxurious shores, you may never want to leave! Expect THC-fuelled cerebral effects and strong physical relaxation from this balanced but slightly sativa-leaning strain as your body winds down for some much needed R&R while your mind journeys onwards into exciting and unknown territories.

Though Island G THC level has yet to undergo lab-testing, its high THC, low CBD parents boast levels in the mid-teens. Offering an intensely relaxing but mentally stimulating experience that makes an excellent destination for a quiet evening, too many visits can easily shipwreck the unprepared. As such, we recommended a short and sweet excursion to avoid ending up marooned.

Island G Strain Medical Benefits

We all need a break from reality once in a while, and a long relaxing vacation away can sometimes be the perfect prescription for stress relief. Island G medical seeds can also offer a much-needed escape from the daily grind as the calming effect of cannabis has been used for thousands of years to treat stress and anxiety, with modern studies proving its overall effectiveness.

The physical effects of this strain are almost equally intense. If consumed in large quantities, its indica-dominant side may cause the consumer to experience drowsiness and sedation, which can be utilised by those who have trouble getting to sleep. As such, Island G medical benefits are prime for patients with insomnia or similar sleep-disruptive disorders.

How to Grow Island G Strain

Like all Oni Seeds Co strains, this Giesel x Tropicanna Cookies cross lives up to the breeder’s impeccably high standards and has been selected and honed to a near-perfect state. Growing Island G is easy in almost any environment, though indoor growers should take note that this is a sativa-dominant strain and may stretch a little taller than most. Its harsh chemical smell is also a little less than discreet and will require the use of carbon filters for cultivators growing in a smaller indoor space.

Island G cannabis seeds flowering time is the standard for a sativa hybrid at ten weeks from germination, and this is when those intense turpentine aromas really become noticeable. 

Producing medium/tall plants with well-stacked buds and a thick and frosty layer of trichomes, growth may differ slightly depending on the phenotype, but like all progeny of the TCF1 male, this pheno has enormous hash making potential. As Island G yields are medium/high, you’ll have plenty of dank AAA product to spare for all of the extract experiments.